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                                                                            ILLEGAL MIGRANTS

                       Is It "JUSTICE" that a foreign culture be allowed to proliferate & live beyond its means & then invade another country

                        either peacfully or by war?

                       Is it "JUSTICE" to require a citizen to pay taxes in support of the education of foreigners?

                       Is it ??? Well, is it ???

                       This website holds that there is NO NEED FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM.

                       The only thing needed is a politician who has the guts to protect our borders  and enforce our existing laws. 


                       The person who enters and stays in this country illegally is a criminal.

                       The citizen who hires an illegal is a criminal.

                     It is now a fact (Dec 2011).
                    65% of American citizens object to granting citizenship to the new borns of illegals.

LA RAZA (THE RACE)  is inflammatory  wording  reminiscent  of The Master Race.
                         Intellectually bigoted groups, claiming to know better  than  the citizens,  stereotype objecting
                         citizens with derogatory  labels such as "xenophobe" , "racists,. "bigots", etc in attempts to surpress
                         the legitimate voice  of the citizens.
                         We believe:
                         1.  That La  Raza (THE RACE)  is  an ethnic group seeking to eliminate laws that do not fit its illegal  racist
                              agenda, specifically:
                                                                  The REAL-ID Act
                                                                   The CLEAR Act
                                                                    Drivers Licenses for Legal Citizens only.
                                These laws make it tougher for illegals to be in this country & improve national security.
                                But that is of no concern to La Raz who would rather permit illegal activity by a few of its ethnic
                                group & compromise national security, rather than protect its il legal own kind. It would appear that
                                La Raza s needs to be informed we do not make laws based upon ethnic or any special interest group
                                considerations. And they can claim racial prejudice all that they want, but it is merely an attemp
                                to disguise themselves as having their civil rights violated in order to get their own selfish way.
                         2 . We have a right to demand that these groups cease their disruption of our society.
                         3.  We have the right to define our national borders & enforce our immigration laws as they stand without
                              changing them to accommodate illegal entrants. We are not dividing a city, we are separating countries.
                         4. We have the right to deport any foreign visitor who breaks our laws, disrupts our society, or stays beyond
                              their approved term, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex or age, but not deport based solely upon
                              race , color, creed, religion, sex or age.
                         5. We have the right to change our laws with respect to anchor   babies.
                         6. We believe a national citizen ID security database is essential  to distinguishing legal citizen from illegals.
                         7. We do not have the right to treat any legitimate visito  inhumanly or abusively, unless they are breaking the law.
                         8. We believe that statements such as “THE JOBS AMERICANS  WONT DO”  is an insult the American
                               people’s psyche by the current leadership of this country & that THERE IS NO JOB AN  AMERICAN
                              WONT DO.  We strongly object to such phrases.
                         9. We have the right to require that all domestic  businesses  be barred from hiring undocumented foreign
                               visitors   The securing of our national borders is not to be compromised  by perceived economic trade
                               advantages. The present addiction to illegal low cost labor is unfair to  lawful legal competition &
                               destructive of our national  economic system in that it creates a vicious cycle of  hiring illegals who
                               eventually move up financially, only to  be replaced by bringing in  more illegals.  
                                We believe the use of low security risk prison inmates  to perform work alleged to be too good for the
                                American  worker is better use of resources than allowing illegal  work forces   And that’s a second
                                INCONVENIENT TRUTH   we must deal with .
                        10   We have the right to deny public health care services  & public education to any foreign visitor.
                                If we do provide such services, then we should bill the country of the foreign national for the sevice.
                       11.   We have the right to require that all public signs, notices,  hearings etc.., be in English only. We believe
                                that it is contrary  to the national interest to insist upon multiple languages creating an environment similar
                                to Dagestan where neighbors  do not understand neighbors.
                        12.  It is improper to our military & border patrol to prosecute  them for doing what we asked them to do in the
                                first place, as we did in the case of Ramos and Compien in 2006.
                        13.  It is improper and unfair to our military to let illegal entrants & criminals take  over the  house when  they
                               are away from home fighting for us.