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PART 1                 ISLAM
If Islam is such a great religion (as Obama says), then WHY IS IT SO CHRISTOPHOBIC that Islamic countries find it necessary to ban the Bible, making it a crime to possess one punishable by death. A religion of truth and faith and without fear will not find it necessary to ban the competition. There is no difference between such a mentality and nazism . Until possessing a Bible is not a crime, there is no reason to believe that Islam is a credible religion. The issue is one of freedom of speech, which we seem to be so willing to sacrifice so we don't offend anyone else's wrong doings

PART 2                THE TWO FACES OF GOD 

Islam is called a "religion". But based upon what? 
Biblical history tells us that the original Arabs were the sons of Abraham,
as were the Jewish Hebrews, and that Abraham worshiped GOD.
The GOD that Abraham worshiped is the same GOD that was worshiped
by the the Jews before Christ, the same GOD that was worshiped by Christ,
and the same GOD that is worshiped today by Christians and Jews.
And his character is very clear. He is a loving, benevolent, and forgiving GOD.
The question is what happened to this GOD with respect to the Islamics?
Was He not originally the same GOD?
Yet today, the muslims see GOD as an angry, revengeful, dominating,
hate mongering God. Is this really the same God?
Or have the muslims hi-jacked God and transformed him into something
he really is not?  How do we account for muslims calling GOD by the name of ALLAH,
which means THE DIETY? This is very impersonal when contrasted to the GOD
of the Christian. It is a totally different face with a totally different name.
Is this really to be regarded as the same GOD?
Historical archaeological findings reveal that before he was called ALLAH,
his real name was SIN, the MOON GOD. It is from this moon god that the
name of the SINAI is derived.
  Given these findings, it seems clear that the
GOD of those original Arabs has been replaced by the moon god, Sin.
Thus, we have the two different faces of GOD, one of whom must be


PART 3                 THE ATHEIST

For those of you who do not believe that God exists, we can understand your viewpoint. But what we do not accept is your very narrow mindedness & insistence that all believe as you, even to the extent of filing ridiculous court cases. Of what are you afraid? Are you not Christophobic. You cannot deny that Christ existed and that His God is more just and loving than Allah. And if you do not accept Christ, then we know who your God must be and that is our out-of- control court system. No matter, you cannot legitimately keep the character of GOD out of our government. Our military has a right to be buried with the cross of Christ. We have the right to pray whenever or wherever, as long as it is non-obstructive and respectful. We have a right to adopt moral principle that is based upon Love and Justice.

How can you call yourself a "humanist" and not believe in Christ who was real, did in fact live, and was the greatest "humanist" of all? And how can you call yourself a "Christian" if you do not adhere to the teachings of Christ? It is hypocrisy. No matter, you are free to choose as you wish, because He has given you a free will. So you decide if you live in hell or live in love. And if you decide to live in hell, then don't impose your ridiculous baggage on everyone else via law making or policy decisions or ridiculous law suits. The true “humanist” freely believes in & follows the teachings of Christ, recognizing & accepting the sacrifices & compassion involved, without abandoning the obligations/duties of protection owed to family, friends & fellow countrymen & without rewarding bad selfish unthoughtful inconsiderate unjust behavior. If such negative bad behavior does occur at the expense of others, then the meting out of unkindness must be done proportionate to the wrongfulness of the acts committed. Jesus Himself imposed limits upon forgiveness & compassion.

There is just one phrase coming out of the mouths of atheists - "I don't believe". To be more accurate, it is "I CHOOSE not to believe", and in so doing, the mindset becomes CLOSED. And that is very dangerous,especially if they become politicians or jurists. There is nothing wrong with questioning and having doubts. You can even be angry with God, but not the Holy Spirit. Intelligent and opened minds should have questions. That is part of our "DISCRIMINATING" nature. We need to have justifications and reasons for our thinking and behavior. It is in accordance with the logic of cause and effect, albeit it may be carried a bit too far in some cases resulting in the blame game. But the minute we CHOOSE to eliminate the possibility of another existence which we can neither prove nor disprove, we have closed the possibilities for our own destinies.

Regardless, there is no justification for our imposing our own closed minds upon others. We become merely a bunch of cry-babies wallowing in our sorrows in accordance with "Misery loves company". So go ahead and express your own doubts. You will be listened to. But don't ruin the lives of others in forcing your disbeliefs upon others. You might choose to justify your disbelief by pointing out the hypocrisies of the churches, ie, priests molesting children, anti-abortionist murdering doctors,etc..And you may have some valid points. There is the good and the bad everywhere. But as Christ said, you better be sure that you are on a higher moral ground before condemning others. And you better be on the very highest moral ground before you choose not to believe in God.

So you get tired of hearing the "preaching". Who doesn't? Okay, then go take a nap. And you don't have to wave your arms in the air at holy rollers or get all weird. You don't even have to sing or go to church. That is your choice. It is what is in your heart that counts. And if what is in your heart is to squelch the peaceful expressions of others, then you seek to take away their freedom of speech, and that is just plain wrong. But if they are blocking traffic causing a denial of public access, if they are hiding something harmful to others & refusing a legitimate search, if they are sneaking into your country to effectively steal, etc,, then you have a legitimate complaint and should take it to court. But don't waste your time and everybody else's with stupid things like removing a cross from a hill, or taking a sign down, or eliminating prayer at public meetings, or eliminating teaching about Christ from school text books, etc. It is just plain nonsense & is CHRISTOPHOBIC.


A . A RELIGION THAT DEMANDS EVERYONE CONFORM TO ITS DOGMA IS AN INSANE MENTALITY MORE INSIDEOUS THAN NAZISM. This website  strongly advocates  OUTLAWING SHARIA, finding it offensive to justice & human rights.

1. Muslims on death row demand their meals be Islamic. Forget it buddy.

2. The execution of one who speaks against the unjust dogma of a religion is unjustifiable homicide,
      deserving of capital punishment.

3. The stoning to death of an adulteress is unjustifiable homicide, deserving of capital punishment.

4. The murder of pro-abortionist without their consent is unjustifiable homicide, deserving of capital punishment.

5. The murder of a homosexual without their consent is unjustifiable homicide, deserving of capital punishment.

6. The murder of anyone without their consent is unjustifiable homicide, deserving of capital punishment.


Government's role should be restricted as much as possible to public behavior.
Government has no right to meddle in one's personal affairs, except where there is a violation of public law.
The role of religion is to enter one's personal life, but only upon invitation.
Violation of public law based upon claims of religious rights is inexcusable.

When it comes to religion, we are at a crossroads as to the interaction between religion and government,
especially when it comes to dealing with the so-called muslim faith and the conflicts that it presents
to our society. The solution to our dilemma might be found if we treat religion as we would secular education and our educational system.
If we compare the Koran (or Quran) to our own Bible, we find that the Koran is a near parallel to the Old
chapters being less than 1/2 page.
The Bible was written by several people over several centuries. The Koran was written by just one person in a very limited time span.


Now consider this..... We do not let 1st graders graduate to 2nd grade until they are prepared.
                     And so it should be with muslim believers. The muslim 1st grade classroom is the middle east.