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                                          GLOBAL MULTI-NATIONALISM

In today's modern times, a government is suppose to function & serve according to "THE COMMON GOOD" of its people. But the question is "WHAT is the COMMON GOOD and for WHO"?

The word "COMMON" is not a term that refers to just one individual, but rather it refers to a collective group of individuals all having the same interests. Enter the idea of a "nation". Obviously, there can be more than just one group where the assortment of various groups do not have the same interests, thereby distinguishing them from each other. Enter the idea of "multi-nationality". Never-the-less differing groups within a nation may have some over-lapping interests, thus forming a broader, but more diffused commonality. Enter the idea of "national diversity". Usually a nation is confined to some geographical sovereign borders. Enter the government to coordinate the common interests of the various groups contained within its sovereign borders, where all of the individuals within its sovereign borders are CITIZENS to the exclusion of those who did not originate within its borders.

The word "GOOD" can be interpreted as meaning "FOR THE BENEFIT OF". Quite obviously, what can be for the benefit of one individual can be at the expense of another individual. So when dealing with a group of individuals, all having a commonality in some areas, but differing in other areas, there is a way of resolving the differences. It is called "GROUP DECISION MAKING", and it has been well proven as the best method of arriving a group decisions. Another word for group decision making is "DEMOCRACY", wherein individuals vote upon issues that affect their "COMMON GOOD". So within a system of government, it is the CITIZENS (not foreigners) who determine their own "COMMON GOOD".

Therefore, the “common good” means for the exclusive benefit of a people sharing a common interest, & in the case of a sovereign nation, it means for the good of the citizens of that nation. And who better can identify the common good than the citizens themselves through democratic processes. A government which willfully ignores the will of its people as expressed through democratic processes (as the Democratic Party & our court system has done) is not a government, but a fraud that does not serve "THE COMMON GOOD".