The other day, DHS Secretary Myorka was being questioned by a Republucan Congressman. When asked how to explain why so many people wanted him impeached, his reply was “Congressman, I find your question to be highly offensive, so I wont ask for any apology.”. Never mind how offensive is his untruthful slander of innocent people he does not even know, calling them “racists”, “terrorists”, “xenophobes”, and a host of other offensive words. The game of feigned moral outrage is how they avoid answering any questions regarding their own dereliction of duty.

And they are playing another game as well, ie, fear mongering. How do you justify premature fear? Allow acts of violence to occur enough times while turning a blind eye and then blame the other side. The Nazis did just that while blaming the Russians and Jews. Then when the Russians started winning the war, the average German citizen was so frightened by the prospects of revenge that they felt no other option than to continue the war. So it is with the Democratic Party. They have their base so propagandized with lies and fear that they are no longer able to constrain themselves from unjustly attacking innocent people.

The threat of terrorist attacks comes FROM WITHIN ONLY BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS HAVE REFUSED TO SECURE THE BORDER, NOT BECAUSE OF WHITE SUPREMACISTS. Who in the hell do Myorka & Biden think they are kidding. Among the BIGGEST OF THEIR BOLDFACE LIES EVER is claimng that border was in crisis under Trump and they have fixed it. What a crock? .

They have deliberately created threats to our national security in order to invoke the policing powers of government under their own alleged authority and for the purposes of consolidating their own power and corruption. In other words, they have created a straw man. And they have been using the FBI to check up on you WITHOUT WARRANT OR PROBABLE CAUSE.

And now the LIAR IN CHIEF seeks to criminalize speech with a MINISTRY OF TRUTH, ie the so called DISINFORMATION POLICE.

So it would seem anyone expressing any thought contrary to those in power will be imprisoned as blasphemers. Remember that Jesus Christ was tortured and crucified, BECAUSE OF WHAT HE SAID, not because of what he did. But now Joe Biden wants to throw you in jail if what you say does not conform to his well being. Only sick paranoid minds attempt to control the legitimate truths of others.

Lets face it. The real reason for this DISINFORMATION BOARD is to silence those opposing the vax mandate and those objecting to the manner in which the 2020 election was unfairly conducted. The only time when a Sedition Act could be legitmately implemented is during the time of a CONGRESSIONAL DECLARATION OF WAR. But in peace time, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has consistently ruled numerous times that anti-sedition laws are unconstitutional. Translation: Sedition is constitutional. In other words, THE GOVENMENT HAS NO BUSINESS TRYING TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE OF PUBLIC DISCOURSE.

One would think the truth would win without being said. But the constant barage of distortions, lies and exaggerations of the left demands an equally constant barrage of the truth being said.
Which is why all these truth telling documentaries need to be produced. If nothing else, awareness of the truth is essential to your own freedom and safety. When things get so bad that you are in danger of being imprisoned for the most innocent of acts, when people are forced to lie and deceive just to protect themselves, then you know that those in power are evil. And this is where we are today.

This has been in the making for decades now (since 1970) starting in California. It has been allowed to spread throughout the country and it MUST BE STOPPED, only done in a manner as to not jeopardize honest truth loving families. As already demonstrated by the persecution of Genetal Flynn, those in power have no problem threatening the family members of those they choose to persecute. And they have no problem in turning families against each other as demonstrated by the Guy Reffitt family. And they have been hard at work turning our military and police into forces they can employ to carry out their evil purposes.

We must fight in the courts, we must fight in elections, and if need be we must fight in the fields. Of course there are expessions that are considered unacceptable in normal discourse. But in the face of evil attempts to squelch the truth, the gloves must come off. To not do so is to forfeit the truth.