Memorial day is a day to remember not only our fallen military, but all innocent victims fallen at the hands of senseless violence.
We should remember that:

Lying is not sustainable.

Harrassment is not protesting. It is criminal.

There is no such thing as  a country without borders.

Autonomous Nationalism is not imperialistic communism/fascism.

Democracy requires nationhood.

Unjustifiable homicide is the delibetate taking of another persons life without explicit or implicit consent.

Without justifiable capital punishment, gun control is folly.

Due Process is not keeping people imprisoned indefinitely without the justification of a speedy trial.

Turning a blind eye to violence is systemic sponsership of unjustifiable homicide by fake media and  politicians .

Minor children should not be exposed to the purient intetests of adults or the indoctrination to untruth.

Legitimate Freedom does not impose upon the legitimate freedom of others.

The refusal to look at evidence is one of the most dangerous
ploys that underminds justice and democracy, leading to corruption and tyranny. Nothing can be self evident when all of the cards are not on the table.


May our innocent fallen rest in peace safe from the abyss of further evil.