17 states have joined Texas in law suit against 4 renegade states (Pa, Mi, Mn, & Ga) in election fraud to be heard in the Supreme Court, which now makes 1/3 of the states adverse to the manner in which this election was conducted. Negligence on the part of the Supreme Court in this matter is an invitation to civil war. This should be obvious to anyone


I never thought I would say this, but if this fraudulent national election is not properly audited and adjudicated , THEN SECESSION SHOULD BE ON THE TABLE. WHO WANTS A GOVERNMENT RUN BY LIARS, CHEATERS, SLANDERERS, and WHO BASTARDIZE THE CONSTITUTION INTO COMPLETE CORRUPTION?

States Seceding From The Union? Who would blame them? Why continue to take part in a hypocritical corrupt government that refuses to mend its fraudulent election system? It is not that we want a specific person to win. Rather it is we want a government that is fair, transparent, honest, and true to its citizens. At this point, we have none of that in our government. It is really a complete disgrace and has been for years, excluding the work of President Trump.

“BUT”, you say, “What about national security?”. WHAT NATIONAL SECURITY? THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS HAVE DONE EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO DESTROY OUR NATIONAL SECURITY, including open borders, selling 20% of our uranium to Russia, giving billions to Iran, making back office deals with China and the Ukraine, allowing violence & terrorism to flourish in Oregon, Washington, etc, letting violent murderers out of prison, defunding police, threatening to eliminate the 2nd amendment, ………just to mention a few things.

Are we really so dependent upon the current national government that we cant live without it and have to conform to its negligence, treason and lawlessness? There is a word for that. It’s called EXTORTION, one of the oldest mobster scams in the book. And as long as you bow to it, you are a slave.

Texas, which has taken the lead in prosecuting this fraudulent election and where mention of secession is being made, would certainly make sense as a separate national regime head since it sits on huge oil reserves. And it would be nice to have at least one place in the northern part of the western hemisphere where conservatives would not have to put up with liberal nonsense.

But of course, the old regime would insist upon those seceding states to remain in the Union, and visit war upon them just as the western Ukraine did to its eastern part in 2013-14. It is unbecoming of a regime to behave like a tyrannical husband who says “You can’t leave me or I’ll kill you”. Tyranny is ever present even in those places where those in power claim to be humanitarian and democratic. So a hot war could be expected.

This would take us to the question of the US military intervention. Soldiers took an oath to uphold the US Constitution. But the US Constitution is continuously trampled over by hypocritical liberal democrats. So the question for soldiers should be, which side will uphold the principles set forth in the Constitution, not who is in power?

This would not be the same as the Civil War of old where slavery was the main issue, and against which the northern states were justified. Rather the issue would be over the corruption of the existing federal government. However, it is interesting to note that those states joining with Texas in its law suit are more or less the same states that formed the old Confederate nation with a few other states which were part of Lincoln’s Union. Of course, the existing regime will falsely accuse those states of being “racists” or some other false accusation for the purposes of propaganda. But this is nothing more than an outright lie perpetrated by the lying liberal left.

In the absence of separate regimes, the only other possibility better than continuing down the path of hypocritical liberal corruption is to allow what happened in Chile back a few decades ago, ie, a military junta taking over government control. But there is no guarantee of that working out favorably either.