Woman killed inside Capitol identified | News Break

On January 6, 2021, Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman participating in a demonstration at the national capitol, was unjustifiably murdered by a capitol policeman using his revolver and shooting her at point blank range. The murder was completely unjustified.

After months of refusal to identify the shooter, he has now been revealed.

This murderer is a trigger happy cop who should be tried.
There were at least two other cops with guns in front of hiim
and he shot over their heads which could have been disastrous
for them. Clearly, they had better position to determine if
there was any real threat posed by Ashlie, not him. But he took
it upon himself to be the better judge of the situation. Were I
a cop, I would never ever have this jerk any where behind me.



Having reviewed the You Tube Jan 6 video, THERE IS VERY LITTLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN the
violence of Jan 6 and the many episodes of violence that occurred for a year preceding Jan 6 that went completely ignored. For this reason, I see the narration of this disturbing video to be nothing more than propaganda to justify the complete negligence of the Democratic Party. Granted that the rioters were armed with less than deadly force weapons, but they had every good reason to expect
attackes from BLM and Antifa. And granted that police officers were attacked and those (not Trump) who trespassed upon the property committed wrongful acts, this event should have been foreseen by politicians & courts who have corrupted our Constitutional government, ie, Justice denied leads to violence. The people who stormed the capitol that day are the many who have waited for years if not decades for the government to do its job with respect to protecting the nations borders
& enforcing the law. However, it would seem that those in power care not for national borders ,
let alone the law, but only when it comes to their doorstep. In a simple word, violence begets violence. Not that this is acceptable, but when left with no other alternatives, what will be will be. You can accuse the Republicans of normalizing violence, BUT THAT WAS DONE BY DEMOCRATS LONG BEFORE JAN6.