To understand the entire vaccine problem, we must first understand our own makeup as a living thing. This requires an understanding of how the living cell actually works and what are its key components.

We begin with proteins. On a large scale, proteins give us life and make up the structural and active part of our cells, providing the means of metabolizing. There are at least 30,000 varieties of proteins carefully constructed from the linkage of up to 20 amino acids which are in themselves complex chemical compounds. For the most part, they reside within the cell outside of the cell’s nucleus. The plan for how proteins are constructed from amino acids is in our DNA.

DNA is in the nucleus of each cell & contains the chromosomes which contain the genes which contain the stored program that tells how proteins are to be made. DNA is a polymer made from 4 different nucleotides. A nucleotide is composed of three distinctive chemical sub-units: a five-carbon sugar molecule, a nucleobase—the two of which together are called a nucleoside—and one phosphate group. With all three joined, a nucleotide is also termed a “nucleoside monophosphate”, “nucleoside diphosphate” or “nucleoside triphosphate”, depending on how many phosphates make up the phosphate group.

So we are protein and DNA. Now here is a really interesting side part. It has been noted that the propeller of a single cell bacteria is actually a DESIGNED MACHINE MADE UP OF 40 DIFFERENT PROTEIN PARTS THAT HAVE TO BE ADDED AT JUST THE RIGHT POINT IN TIME IN CONSTRUCTING THE PROTEIN MACHINE. Current science acknowledges that the cells of our bodies work as a result of numerous PROTEIN MACHINES THAT CARRY OUT LIFE’S FUNCTIONS. The plans for the construction of these protein machines & other proteins are in the cell’s DNA.

The link between DNA in the cell nucleus and the proteins outside the nucleus is RNA, aka MRNA. RNA is a copy of 1 strand of 2-stranded DNA. Its normal overall purpose is to carry the plan for building a protein from DNA inside the nucleus to outside of the cell’s nucleus where the protein is manufactured by protein machine. Once its mission is completed, the RNA self destructs.


Secondly, we must recognize that a virus is not a living thing. It is only a part if a living thing that must have a host cell. It cannot reproduce itself like a normal cell. It can only continue on by invading a host cell & using the host cells machinery to furiously replicate itself. Sometimes it makes mistakes in replicating itself causing mutations. Viruses can mutate very rapidly. They make a lot of mistakes when they copy their genomes, and they make thousands of copies in a few hours. Ultimately, the virus overwhelms the cell and kills it. So it has to move on to other cells rapidly.

So how does a virus gain entrance to a cell? Basically it presents an attached protein to the surface of the cell which serves as a key to unlock the door. And this is where antibodies come in. Antibodies are produced by our immune system and are a family of proteins that are suppose to block viruses from entering the cell. But as we shall soon see, this is not always the case.


The vaccine is comprised of a pseudo (man made) RNA all encased in a biosphere comprise of 4 lipid nano particles for protection, one of those nano particles, polyethylene glycol, suspected of containing graphene oxide.

So how is the vaccine intended to work? The idea is to have the pseudo RNA injected in a small amount into the body which will produce the weak pseudo spike protein. Since the vaccine’s pseudo RNA never enters the nucleus of the cell, it immediately carries out its mission of producing the pseudo spike protein, and then it self destructs. The purpose of the pseudo spike protein is to serve like a picture of the face of the covid virus. This picture is construed by the immune system to be an enemy and remembered for the purpose of creating antibodies to defeat the virus upon actually encountering the virus in the future.

The RNA of the vaccine breaks down within a few days of vaccination. The generated spike proteins last up to a few weeks.


FACT regarding rumor that the vaccine causes “VIRAL SHEDDING”. SHEDDING refers specifically to the the virus being reproduced in the cell and expelled out of the body. It is the same as “transmissibilty”. The vaccine does NOT REPLICATE THE VIRUS (assuming we are being told the truth). The vaccine does produce ONLY THAT PART OF THE VIRUS CALLED THE SPIKE PROTEIN. So it is not producing that part of the virus that replicates the entire virus.

But this fact alone does not vindicate the vaccine, because
1) the spike protein can produce cardio-vascular problems
2) it is very likely that the vaccine contains graphene oxide in one of the four lipid nano particles (polyethylene glycol) used to house the mrna part of the vaccine.

In addition,
3) vaccinated people can be asymptomatic yet still spread the virus, making the vaccine even more worthless.
4) The vaccine appears to be ineffective against new mutations. A ridiculous frequent program of booster shots is looming to combat the multiple variants that can arise. Why not just strap an intravenous bag to your arm?
5) Remember, the vaccine is assumed to not produce any virus. But this is where an important counter argument comes in stating that the vaccine itself causes viral mutation via what is known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).


ADE is a phenomenon in which binding of a virus to suboptimal antibodies enhances its entry into host cells, followed by its replication. The suboptimal antibodies can result from natural infection or from vaccination.

For ADE to occur, a vaccinated person would have to be exposed to the virus causing his body to create antibodies that bind to the virus which enable the virus to infect rather than block the virus. Not only that, ADE suggests that vaccinated people are creating the variant when they become infected with the actual virus. So it becomes even more important that the vaccinated not encounter the virus. That we are being told to wear masks even if vaccinated would confirm that there has been a major screw up.

Recall that the idea of an antibody is to block the virus from entering our cells by latching onto it. But what ADE says is that some antibodies produced by the vaccine do just the opposite. They are in fact traitors. So the question really is, “Are the antibodies created when we vaccinated folks are exposed to the bug actually binding to the virus to unlock the door to our cells?”.


Obviously, we need to more thoroughly understand the chemistry of the living cell, how it originally came to be, and what will prevent ADE. Currently there appears to only be political action regarding ADE prevention. But politics seems to create more problems than solve problems.

COVID-19 produces the 2019 disease SARS-COV-2. But in 2003 there was a previous outbreak called SARS-COV-1 which mysteriously went away without any vaccine being produced. A question remains why there had been no vaccine produced between 2003 and 2019. And what made SARS-COV-1 go away?

Given the prospect of ADE, we must ask “Do those making the vaccine really know what antibodies are produced by the human once infected with the virus?”. One would certainly hope so.

But even so, it would appear they might not have done due diligence in assuring that those antibodies were not in fact virus conspirators.

Israel- The 4TH Jab – A Bridge Too Far


He explains that the vaccine contains graphene oxide which has electro-magnetic properties. Furthermore, he explains how the vaccine produces blood clots by virtue of graphene oxide acting as a magnet to pull red blood cells together, because the graphene oxide is attached to the synthesized spike protein, which in turn attaches itself to the red blood cells.


Furthermore, graphene oxide is used in cell phones for its electromagnetic properties and could interfere with mri imaging.

How to detox:


The real cure will be in masks, distancing, cleaning hands, and the immediate use of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine as soon as infection occurs. But early detection may not be possible, because it takes up to 2 weeks for symptoms to appear, regular testing may be required.