Gestapo Google

As I examine each Google app, it is clear that they are trying to force every one to be connected to their web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now just why would that be so?? Answer: MONEY VIA GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS AND FORCED USE OF THEIR PRODUCTS. As dangerous as any authortarian dictatorship can be.

You would think Google would learn from Microsoft’s failure with Windows when they tried to shove 24/7 internet connection down everyone’s throat via Automatic Updates, when what they were really trying to do is to monitor everyone’s activities. But oh no. The noisy neighbors in Google are back at it again, demanding a constant connection to their web site, using automatic updates as an excuse for snooping.

This being done in the name of “security” • The question becomes “Whose security”?



I used to like to think that PI was the rational ratio of 22/7. Then I recently found a proof that PI is irrational.

The basic irrational numbers are less than 1, have no end and cannot be represented as the ratio of two real numbers. They can attach themselves to real numbers causing the result to be irrational. They are numbers that do not have repeated sequences, like .3333… which is 1/3. Changing the base system does not make them rational. They are in a class all by themselves and include complex imaginary numbers expressed as a multiple of the square root of -1. They might be thought of as the trash bin of math.

What is even more disturbing is to realize that most of today’s physical equations include PI. Whether or not Newton solved the problem with differential calculus remains a question to me. But for now it would seem any equation containing PI or any equation containing a term derived from PI is flawed. Hopefully there are smart people today who have isolated the problem.

Speaking of Newton, Newton’s differential of time, dt lim>0, is an attempt to define an EXTREMELY SMALL increment of time, called “instantaneous”. In a similar fashion, Einstein was concerned with the “simultaneity” of two entities which must have considered the smallest increments of time.

  1. Problem:

Imagine the second hand of a clock traveling a full revolution around from one minute to the next.

Question: How far has the end tip of that second hand traveled after 1 minute? Math tells us 2R x PI, where R is the length of the second hand. But if PI is irrational, that distance traveled ,ie, the length of the circumference of the circle traversed by the tip of the second hand, is also irrational, because a real number times an irrational number is irrational. The same applies to any discrete point on the clock’s second hand.

So what is the explanation?

Premise 1: In 1, 2 or 3 dimensions you cannot travel an irrational distance.

Premise 2: That the smallest length is the planck length, could it not be that this is the point at which 3 dimensions transition into an irrational time dimension, or zone, where no units of measure can exist? In other words, smaller units of distance break down to time itself, making it possible to express velocity as a multiple of time, albeit time can be any tiny irrational number.


As it was moving through the two dimensions of the clock face, the clock’s second hand was also moving through time. The impression that a connected circle has been enscribed by the clock’s second hand must be an illusion due to an overlap of the end point and start point, the irrationality occurring as a result of a small unmeasurable time gap between the two, thereby actually following a corkscrew traversal through the 2 dimensions of the clock face and time. Thus, time must give rise to the irrational zone where linearity breaks down and curvature begins.

2. More:

Now consider the matter of splitting the clock circle into equal parts. Yet this is no longer possible, because PI is irrational. This leads us to conclude that repeatability becomes a matter of randomness in the irrational zone.

3. On Time And Space:

The mathematical representation of spacial structures requires the use of a 3 dimensional reference system wherein discrete points are defined. This reference system is shown graphically as 3 intersecting lines orthogonal to each other and expressed mathematically as 3 coordinate points (x,y,z). But to continue defining this reference system, Einstein added time as a fourth dimension, represented as a fourth coordinate point, t, and expressed mathematically as (x, y, z, t). The only way of graphically showing this system is via the motion of 2 or 3 dimension images.

We must always remember that this reference system is man made and never construe it to be reality itself. We must always be cognizant of the fact that VIRTUAL REALITY is not REALITY.

Einstein’s Relativity Theory views space and time as a single entity. In the past, I have found it a little difficult to consider space and time as one entity, preferring to analyze the two separately. However, what I have presented here indicates the two are parts of the same entity, ie “distance”, one part being rational and linear with the other part being irrational. So the reality may be that we are in a one dimensional universe. I see no conflict with Einstein’s Theory.


Is time a manifestation of spacial structure?


Are spacial structures a manifestation of time?


Is there any relationship at all between time and structures?

The explosion of structured living things during the earth’s Cambrian Period would appear to hold some answers. But exactly what is unclear


What is the relationship between time and gravity?

This sounds like a redundant question, given Einstein addressed it in his General Theory Of Relativity. But I still have questions.

That gravity affects time pieces is a curiousity, coupled with the fact that gravity induces constant changes in veloclty of 3 dimensional objects toward each other based upon their respective masses. Einstein explaned this in terms of the fabric of space-time itself changing.



You will know evil when there is disparate process & punishment for two different parties accused of the same crime.

It is a very short distance from voluntary “conformity” to forced “compliance”.

Diversity in journalism is most desirable. But fabrication of stories, dismissal of facts, and outright lying is not.



can leave us confused with terminology if we are not careful. Binary thinking can be myopic and lead to the wrong actions.

Just as there are the 3 contrasting spacial directions of left vs right, up vs down, & forward vs backward, there are contrasting terms to describe political position. So here is a list that is far more than 3 dimensional.

communism vs capitalism
(gov vs
private ownership)

socialism vs individualism
(conformity vs

fascism vs libertarianism
(restrictive vs

liberal vs consevative
(disregard vs
careful thought)

tyranny vs democracy
(one vs
two party rule)

globalism vs nationalism

left vs right
(an aggregate
of the above)

So which would you rather be

(See the movie I DELORES on TUBI)


To be a “Democrat” means you believe in citizen election systems. It is derived from the Greek word, “democracy”. Democrats tend not to believe in a “republican” form of government. To be a “Republican” means you believe in a representative form of government. However, in a “republic” representatives can be appointed or elected. So it is critical to qualify what type of “Republican” one is. Current qualifiers include “left/liberal”, “centrist/moderate”, and “right/conservative”. And these same qualifiers apply to Democrats. However, this somewhat binary description can be misleading if we do not know the difference between “left” and “right”. So it is important to drill down as to the exact meaning, which is the reason for the preceding contrast of terms.

It really matters not whether one is a democrat or republican. What does matter is the specific type of democrat or republican one is. And this is where “socialism” comes in. Socialism stands in contrast to individualism, which means collective conforming demands as opposed to individual independency. The danger exists of demands for conformity turning into demands for compliance, which can turn into tyranny. Socialism can and does often become the pathway the injustice “fascism” or “communism”, and hence, tyranny.


A key question to ask ourselves is: Under what circumstances is independence vs unity justified? Commonality is definitely a factor in support of unity. But geographical distance, language and cultural differences are factors supporting independence.

Certainly, a one world government is far from desirable. But neither is a chaotic unruly free for all world.

Moderation in all aspects of life is the best optimization in governing life.

Before the current democrats came along, we had that. But now Biden is crushing it.


More than likely, the Biden admin sees today’s US nationalists as the equivalent of the violent Irish Republican Army. This is what we call “STEREO TYPING”. And it is completely wrong.

Irish Nationalists want(ed) complete separation and independence from England. US nationalists don’t want separation, BUT MERELY WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO DO ITS JOB PROTECTING THE BORDERS. So the Biden admin has done an immense disservice to US nationalists.

This little history of Irish Republicanism may be where we are in the US.

Further reading of political history reveals that “radicalism” is unique to the left as opposed to “social conservatism”

Today’s Biden admin has all the ear marks of radicalism.

Until seeing the documentary I DELORES, it had always bothered me that the IRA called themselves “Republican”. But that movie showed they considered themselves “SOCIALIST” Republicans as opposed to “TRADITIONAL” Republicans who they hated.

So once again we have socialists waging war and violence. Nothing new.

In 1921 Britain gave independence to Ireland. But six Northern counties wanted to remain in in the UK. This was not good enough for the. greedy IRA. So they began a war of crime and violence, just like all “socialists”.

Socialists call themselves “republican”. But that is a lie, because they only represent themselves. Socialists call themselves “democratic”. But that is a lie, because they do not honor a two party system. Socialists claim to support human rights. But that is a lie, because they cancel freedom of speech and imprison political adversaries.

Socialist politicians exploit minority malcontent to cause violence for the purpose of attaining power over police and military to use in over throwing our form of government. Their ruse has nothing to do with “human rights”. CS LEWIS.
“You might think that your love for humanity is sufficient to justify any other action. BUT THE MINUTE YOU MAKE ONE CAUSE YOUR ENTIRE PURPOSE, YOU FIND YOURSELF FALSIFYING EVIDENCE AND BECOMING A TREACHEROUS PERSON.”


One word… JUSTICE.

Before Obama was elected in 2008, the border crisis was already under way, with California already in the control of left wing nut jobs calling everyone opposed to opened borders a “racist”. And then, Jamiel Shaw, a young black kid just out of high school with a promising football career was shot and murdered by an illegal right in front of his home, while his mother was serving in Iraq. We watched the pain and suffering of this family as they sought justice from the so called “virtuous” democrats in LA who denied this family from being heard and comforted in their loss, thereby exposing once and for all the Democrats absolute lies and hypocrisy.

When Donald Trump was running for POTUS in 2016, his first thing was to give air to Mr Shaw, Jamiel’s father.
Donald Trump is the REAL THING. If you truly want truth and justice, then put him back in charge.



Having spent years trying out solar generated electricity, I would say IT WILL NEVER COME CLOSE TO REPLACING FOSSIL FUEL. And even the addition of wind generated electricity will not help. That is not to say that each has not its place.

Here is a good comparison of space station solar panel size to occupant capacity.

Max occupants = 7

8 panels each = 112 x 39 ft

That is almost 5000 sq ft per person.

How would you like a house of 5000 sq ft for just one person?

So how much does a wind turbine really produce?

Average wind speed is about 6.5 m/s, giving an average power output of 900W (from power curve). Average energy per day is 900W x 24h = 21,600 Wh or 21.6 kWh.

In my 800 sq ft home, I can use up to 600 KW-HRS in 30 days, or 20 KW-HRS per day.

Therefore, one wind turbine would barely power my house, despite the turbine having the ability to generate more power.
Looks like we need more global warming to produce stronger wind.

Maybe Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, et al should be giving their speeches in front of a wind turbine.






Nothing is more dangerous than one political party being in control of everything as is the situation today. In the past we have had a relatively balanced government where neither party had total control of all branches of power. But the last election upset that balance making it possible for the current insanity to reign. So what can we do as citizens to correct the current situation.

First we need to vote entirely Republican in the next two elections. Next, once we have established a balance between political parties, every voter should split his votes between parties.

But this alone is not enough. The bureaucrats have party loyalties that can & have adversely impacted fair elections. The Democrats have no problem endorsing affirmative action based upon skin color. SO WHY NOT HAVE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BASED UPON POLITICAL LOYALTY WHEN IT COMES TO GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT THAT ASSURES A 50-50 SPLIT POLITICALLY IN THE BUREAUCRACY.

If we are ever to secure our form of government for future generations, this must be done. You know this is the truth.


    Let me begin by saying, under no circumstances should the voter registration system be directly connected to the web or internet. However, post election voter ballot verification via the web/internet should be possible & safe.

    With respect to manual ballot processing, it would seem the most efficient method would be an assembly line, where each station records the vote on each specific ballot issue. But then machine reading and issue separation and accumulation is more expedient. So when using a machine vote counting system, under no circumstances should the machine be connected to the internet. To report results, every polling center should have a direct T1 line to the state office. Either that or a dial-in system should be used.

    Now to continue on, lets see, you allow mail-in votes to come in and pile up for a entire month without counting them, and then you have in-person voting on election day which is required to be counted before all those piled up mailed in ballots. WELL DAAA, WHAT COULD GO WRONG HERE? WHY??? Why are the mail in votes not counted as they come in? And don’t tell me its more conducive to fraud, because it is less conducive to fraud.

    Paper mail-in ballots for remote voting. Not a good solution. Unrealistic. Drop boxes, ballot harvesting and ranked-choice voting should not be allowed. With respect to signature verification of mail in ballots, it is absolutely asinine to wait to do that after polls have closed. At least do signature verification & start counting mail in ballots as they are received. And by no means allow ballots to be received after the in person polls have closed. Certainly, there is no excuse for not having the total count of the number of received ballots within an hour after the polls have closed. So there is no reason to not have a reliable projection after the received ballot count has been determined.

    But do away with paper mail in and drop boxes. Go direct call in voting with same day in person. I cant believe that, after the fiasco of 2020, nobody has developed a phone dial in voting system where voters can validate their ballot after its been counted. If you can call your bank and validate transactions, then there is absolutely no reason the same cant be done with voting.

    Why phone and not the web? POTS, the “plain old telephone system” used(s) point-to-point circuit switched networking, not packet switching which is the internet. It is estimated that 40% of the citizens sill have land lines which may or may not be connected to a circuit switched network. However, long haul telephone connections have been or are being upgraded to digital transmission which is the internet . So it is difficult to avoid the internet. But the connections are still basically point-to-point & not accessible via the web with one exception, ie, voice-over-ip providers.

    The web is a client server based network that uses internet connected domain name servers and is relatively less secure than a straight point-to-point connection. Furthermore, cloud based services are web based & to be avoided. This means your real telephone service provider is safer than a virtual phone provider that uses voice-over-ip.

    Now all this may be well and good, but there is one thing to recognize when it comes to the internet and the digitizing of voice transmission. Unlike circuit switched networks, digital networks make it much easier to compress communications store them in files. So what you say over the phone today can be listened to years from now by those running the phone systems. The only real way to protect your communication is via encryption.




Here is the REAL FASCISM threatening democracy. The simple answer is to BAN SHARIA. But just like Stalin did at the beginning of WWII, communist Democrats have joined with Muslim fascists to bring down our country. Biden is attempting to obscure that fact.



PI is aid to be the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its radius. PI is an irrational number, meaning it cannot be represented as a fraction of two whole numbers. But it is impossible to travel or measure an irrational distance, which leads to questioning whether a circle is a reality or not.

But there is another way of defining a circle provided by the pythagorean theorem, r** = x** + y**. This produces a locus of points said to be all all equidistant from the center. However, there is a caveat, ie, r is an irrational distance. ` So how do we know that all points are equidistant from the center?



The key question in the abortion issue is “When does life begin?”. Given that most natural miscarriages occur within the first 3 months, it might stand to reason that life begins after 3 months. What might that mean? It might be construed to mean that the 3+ month old baby has the right of consent. That being the case, it would legally be murder for anyone to terminate the babys life without its consent. And that is where the state should come in.

Clearly, there is a difference between the legal definition of life (wherein the state has a duty to step in) and the religious definition of life (wherein the parents have a moral obligation to nurture).




Memorial day is a day to remember not only our fallen military, but all innocent victims fallen at the hands of senseless violence.
We should remember that:

Lying is not sustainable.

Harrassment is not protesting. It is criminal.

There is no such thing as  a country without borders.

Autonomous Nationalism is not imperialistic communism/fascism.

Democracy requires nationhood.

Unjustifiable homicide is the delibetate taking of another persons life without explicit or implicit consent.

Without justifiable capital punishment, gun control is folly.

Due Process is not keeping people imprisoned indefinitely without the justification of a speedy trial.

Turning a blind eye to violence is systemic sponsership of unjustifiable homicide by fake media and  politicians .

Minor children should not be exposed to the purient intetests of adults or the indoctrination to untruth.

Legitimate Freedom does not impose upon the legitimate freedom of others.

The refusal to look at evidence is one of the most dangerous
ploys that underminds justice and democracy, leading to corruption and tyranny. Nothing can be self evident when all of the cards are not on the table.


May our innocent fallen rest in peace safe from the abyss of further evil.