Democrats are deliberately destroying our democracy by exacerbating election difficulties via open borders.

Probably one of the greatest difficulties in conducting an election is knowing who is eligible to vote and who is not. Counties are the first resource to determine this, because they are the central hub for identifying property tax payers. But this only identifies property owners, not renters and homeless people.

So, to identify citizen non property owners who actually reside in a state, vehicle operator licenses are a second resource for identifying eligible voters.

However, there is still a hole wherein there are homeless citizens who may be eligible, but do not own property or have a drivers license. Such citizens should be required to register as homeless citizens and prove their citizenship.

It should now be clear to every US citizen that the Democratic Party has become a traitor to our democracy by obfuscating the election process and employing the inflow of illegal entrants in the hopes of maintaining power. They are not without help from some very stupid Republicans, aka, RINOS. Those now working in government need to ask themselves how far they are willing to go for a worthless paycheck.

It is clear that Democrats have not inspired trust in our election system by maintaining open borders. That fact, coupled with the use of electronic election systems leaves the US citizen with very little confidence that elections are not rigged. It can be said that no matter which party is in control of the election process, without the electorate being able to validate their own counted ballot and see the accumulation of actual ballots counted for a particular candidate after the fact, there can be no confidence in the electronic tabulated election results.

To conclude, until the borders are closed and until the voting public can audit/validate their own votes after an election, this country will be in a chaotic mess.



Due to my age, what is historical to me is probably ancient to you,
which makes me “conservative” and you probably a “progressive”. Many “progressives” and cultural bigots of today want to rewrite history & discard ancient things, such as the Bible, statutes of our founding fathers and maybe even the Constitution, in a manner similar to the ISIS idiots who destroyed the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. Claims of advancing forward frequently involve the destruction of the past, either deliberately or unintentionally. But how can you claim to have advanced forward if you don’t know how you got there in the first place or what promoted another culture to excel? And so the truth gets lost.

Of course, the collection of too many things also tends to bury the really important points. This is where breakpoints to compartmentalize information become essential in maintaining the whole enchilada. And hierarchical filing structure helps to collect related breakpoints.

These are not new ideas as evidenced by the National Archives (NAR). It is merely common sense. BUT SUCH RECORDS SHOULD NOT BE ACCESSIBLE TO ONLY THE PRIVILEGED FEW, as has occurred with the recent findings of Joe Biden’s emails proving his criminal activity. Secrecy, censoring and non transparency can be just as destructive of the truth.

Consider this. Just think of how much better off we would have been had the historical library in Alexandria not been deliberately destroyed.

Maybe there might have been proof or disproof of the existence of ufo’s and et’s. I use this as an example , not as a sarcasm, because there are today real questions regarding ufo’s, which might have been answered by documents in the Alexandria Library. But for the lack of that library, we can only assume the answer to be “NO”.

By the same token, we are destroying our own libraries by proliferating them with the nonsense of WOKEISM. Is not the proliferation of self evident garbage to bury important findings the same as burning down the library?



can leave us confused with terminology if we are not careful. Binary thinking can be myopic and lead to the wrong actions.

Just as there are the 3 contrasting spacial directions of left vs right, up vs down, & forward vs backward, there are contrasting terms to describe political position. So here is a list that is far more than 3 dimensional.

communism vs capitalism
(gov vs
private ownership)

socialism vs individualism
(conformity vs

fascism vs libertarianism
(restrictive vs

liberal vs consevative
(disregard vs
careful thought)

tyranny vs democracy
(one vs
two party rule)

globalism vs nationalism

left vs right
(an aggregate
of the above)

So which would you rather be

(See the movie I DELORES on TUBI)


To be a “Democrat” means you believe in citizen election systems. It is derived from the Greek word, “democracy”. Democrats tend not to believe in a “republican” form of government. To be a “Republican” means you believe in a representative form of government. However, in a “republic” representatives can be appointed or elected. So it is critical to qualify what type of “Republican” one is. Current qualifiers include “left/liberal”, “centrist/moderate”, and “right/conservative”. And these same qualifiers apply to Democrats. However, this somewhat binary description can be misleading if we do not know the difference between “left” and “right”. So it is important to drill down as to the exact meaning, which is the reason for the preceding contrast of terms.

It really matters not whether one is a democrat or republican. What does matter is the specific type of democrat or republican one is. And this is where “socialism” comes in. Socialism stands in contrast to individualism, which means collective conforming demands as opposed to individual independency. The danger exists of demands for conformity turning into demands for compliance, which can turn into tyranny. Socialism can and does often become the pathway the injustice “fascism” or “communism”, and hence, tyranny.


A key question to ask ourselves is: Under what circumstances is independence vs unity justified? Commonality is definitely a factor in support of unity. But geographical distance, language and cultural differences are factors supporting independence.

Certainly, a one world government is far from desirable. But neither is a chaotic unruly free for all world.

Moderation in all aspects of life is the best optimization in governing life.

Before the current democrats came along, we had that. But now Biden is crushing it.


More than likely, the Biden admin sees today’s US nationalists as the equivalent of the violent Irish Republican Army. This is what we call “STEREO TYPING”. And it is completely wrong.

Irish Nationalists want(ed) complete separation and independence from England. US nationalists don’t want separation, BUT MERELY WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO DO ITS JOB PROTECTING THE BORDERS. So the Biden admin has done an immense disservice to US nationalists.

This little history of Irish Republicanism may be where we are in the US.

Further reading of political history reveals that “radicalism” is unique to the left as opposed to “social conservatism”

Today’s Biden admin has all the ear marks of radicalism.

Until seeing the documentary I DELORES, it had always bothered me that the IRA called themselves “Republican”. But that movie showed they considered themselves “SOCIALIST” Republicans as opposed to “TRADITIONAL” Republicans who they hated.

So once again we have socialists waging war and violence. Nothing new.

In 1921 Britain gave independence to Ireland. But six Northern counties wanted to remain in in the UK. This was not good enough for the. greedy IRA. So they began a war of crime and violence, just like all “socialists”.

Socialists call themselves “republican”. But that is a lie, because they only represent themselves. Socialists call themselves “democratic”. But that is a lie, because they do not honor a two party system. Socialists claim to support human rights. But that is a lie, because they cancel freedom of speech and imprison political adversaries.

Socialist politicians exploit minority malcontent to cause violence for the purpose of attaining power over police and military to use in over throwing our form of government. Their ruse has nothing to do with “human rights”. CS LEWIS.
“You might think that your love for humanity is sufficient to justify any other action. BUT THE MINUTE YOU MAKE ONE CAUSE YOUR ENTIRE PURPOSE, YOU FIND YOURSELF FALSIFYING EVIDENCE AND BECOMING A TREACHEROUS PERSON.”


One word… JUSTICE.

Before Obama was elected in 2008, the border crisis was already under way, with California already in the control of left wing nut jobs calling everyone opposed to opened borders a “racist”. And then, Jamiel Shaw, a young black kid just out of high school with a promising football career was shot and murdered by an illegal right in front of his home, while his mother was serving in Iraq. We watched the pain and suffering of this family as they sought justice from the so called “virtuous” democrats in LA who denied this family from being heard and comforted in their loss, thereby exposing once and for all the Democrats absolute lies and hypocrisy.

When Donald Trump was running for POTUS in 2016, his first thing was to give air to Mr Shaw, Jamiel’s father.
Donald Trump is the REAL THING. If you truly want truth and justice, then put him back in charge.



Here is the REAL FASCISM threatening democracy. The simple answer is to BAN SHARIA. But just like Stalin did at the beginning of WWII, communist Democrats have joined with Muslim fascists to bring down our country. Biden is attempting to obscure that fact.



Memorial day is a day to remember not only our fallen military, but all innocent victims fallen at the hands of senseless violence.
We should remember that:

Lying is not sustainable.

Harrassment is not protesting. It is criminal.

There is no such thing as  a country without borders.

Autonomous Nationalism is not imperialistic communism/fascism.

Democracy requires nationhood.

Unjustifiable homicide is the delibetate taking of another persons life without explicit or implicit consent.

Without justifiable capital punishment, gun control is folly.

Due Process is not keeping people imprisoned indefinitely without the justification of a speedy trial.

Turning a blind eye to violence is systemic sponsership of unjustifiable homicide by fake media and  politicians .

Minor children should not be exposed to the purient intetests of adults or the indoctrination to untruth.

Legitimate Freedom does not impose upon the legitimate freedom of others.

The refusal to look at evidence is one of the most dangerous
ploys that underminds justice and democracy, leading to corruption and tyranny. Nothing can be self evident when all of the cards are not on the table.


May our innocent fallen rest in peace safe from the abyss of further evil.



One would think that after so many decades, the trauma of wars would be forgotten. But Nazis do seem to keep the old sores alive.
As does the left in constantly stirring up trouble by constantly referencing slavery which died back in 1864.

These people cannot AND WILL NOT simply let things be. And because they WILL NOT, they become evil enemies of the truth and reason. It is one thing to look at history and judge who was right or wrong. Its quite another to perpetuate the trouble by either reliving it or by demanding reparations from the far distant progeny of the original culprits.

In either of these cases, there is no chance for the human species to improve.



Where Democrats claim their fear of losing our “democracy”, their definition of “democracy” pertains only to them and not to those disagreeing with their slightest whims and distorted views. And haviing infested our government, they are hard at work to create THE DISPARATE INVERTED SOCIETY.

Now what does that mean? It means they favor criminals over honest citizens. They throw relatively innocent people into jail indefinitely under false “color of law” without DUE PROCESS while releasing the most vile of humans. That in itself causes “inverted disparity” & unfairness. But there is far more demented conduct they do that is contray to a healthy human condidtion. They endanger our national security.

I hope Trumps lawsuit winds up with criminal charges against Hillary and those FBI agents protecting her AND THE JUDGE WHO ALLOWED THE FBI TO RAID A WHISTLE BLOWERS HOME.

This is what corrupt government looks like, ie, profiteering of off ones position of power. And the FAKE NEWS is in bed with it all. All these crooks belong in jail, NOT THE J6ers.




Ever wonder what a British agent is doing pushing the phony Trump dosier? Well here is the answer, and it involves the US & UK conspiracy to overhtrow the democratic Ukrainian government in 2014.

Democrats have played neocons to a T. Time for paleocons to beat down, not only the left, but the neocons as well.

Stupid unnecessary war coming to a theater near you. But it does help divert attention away from Bidens failed and tyranical regime.





If I could teach youth anything important, it would be this. A government that lies is the most dangerous evil. It is one thing to disbelieve something. It is quite another to fabricate lies and slander for the purposes of justifying your disbelief.

As of this writing, those currently in control of our government, ie, the “lying liberal left”, in concert with some of the media, have engaged in lying, distorting the truth, exaggeration, slander and general fabrications for the purposes of exerting the power of government over the people they are suppose to protect and eliminating beliefs contrary to their own.

Specifically, they take issue with any conservative view point and/or Christian Biblical belief and label any such believer with an array of ugly names like “Domestic Terrorist”, “Racist”, “White Supremacist”, “Uncle Tom”, “Homophobe”, “Xenophobe”, and more insulting accusations. They have no problem in provoking violence to win their case. All this simply because they deny the existence of God and do not believe that Christ is God (which they are entitled to believe).

They pretend to care about people and human beings, but the evidence betrays the truth that they do not. They pretend to care about black folks when in fact they don’t give a squat about black folks. If they really cared about black folks, they would not call a conservative black “Uncle Tom”. They would not insist on destroying this country’s defenses or economy as they have engaged in. They would not mimic black folks of old saying “If you don’t vote for me, then you aint black”. They would not be advocating abortions of black babies. They would not be treating blacks as if they are a dependent group. They would not be ignoring the higher murder rates among blacks instead of focusing only upon isolated incidences of police mishaps involving blacks.

Instead, they make the most outrageous claim that all whites are racist or “white supremacists”, thereby fomenting racial division and suspicion. Charles Manson tried as much. Where is any real evidence of more recent racism except among a group calling themselves La Raza. Did we not just recently have a black president? When was the last time you heard any white supremacist call out “Heil Hitler”. When was the last time you saw any white person attack a black person? Oh Ill tell you. Just recently when a white trash leftist woman attacked black conservative Larry Elder. And where is this “systemic racism” they allege? Where is the evidence of any laws or regulations contrary to the well being of blacks? There is none. Oh wait a minute, I know. Highways are racist because they separate black communities from white communities (per the lying liberal left). Really? So you tell me who the real racist is. It is a lie fabricated by liars, and it is evil. And it is not the only lie.

The lying left likes to blame all things upon a group, Q Anon, that hardly anybody has even heard of. Have you ever heard of Q’Anon? Probably not. But according to left, Q’Anon is Christian base conspiracy theorist group to which all Trump supporters belong. And by the way, this group believes that the left is engaged in the dark economy in support of drug and human trafficking. Yet according to the left it is a very dangerous terrorist group, and of course far more dangerous than Antifa, Really? Talk about conspiracy theories, this tops them all. So this makes two big lies propagated by the left.

And then there is this third lie that the vax must be forced upon all people. The data shows that the percentage of deaths arising from covid is less than the flu. And the data also shows that the vax is not effective. And there is credible evidence that ivermetcin is effective, not to mention hydroxchloroquine. Yet the government under the lying left is pushing for everyone to get the vax, all to the exclusion of other cures. This gives the left the perfect excuse for incarcerating people who disagree with them on any matter, thereby eliminating what they see as their political enemies to the death. Of course the left claims this to be a conspiracy theory. But if so, and if they really care about people, then why are they forcing people who don’t take the vax out of work. Their message is clear, “take the vax or die”. And if they really care about people, then why is the vax the only way according to them? And if they believed their own bs, then why are they letting sick migrants come into the country without being vaxed? Yet again, if they believed their own bs that the vax works, then why should they be concerned about the non-vaxed if the vax protects them.? This all sounds like the movie, One Flew Over The Coo Coos Nest. The evidence is clear that the left is lying about the vax to further their own ends.

The hypocrisy of the lying liberal left is enormous and most obvious, “self evident” as our fore fathers said. There are innocent people today rotting away unjustly in jail for doing virtually nothing wrong. Meanwhile, the real instigators of violence are given a free pass, not to mention the complicit leftist lawyers & politicians allowing such.

So to you young folks I say, “Know when you are being lied to and for what purposes. It is evil, and most particularly when it is the government doing the lying.”

To close, you have heard “resist not evil”. But I say “WHERE IS THE LOVE IF YOU SIT IDLY BY WATCHING OTHERS BEING UNJUSTLY PERSECUTED AND MISTREATED?” Would you have your own family butchered? Would you have your innocent neighbor butchered? Of course you have to protect your own skin to be a successful fighter. But be prepared to fight this evil to the max if we must. Don’t be a kamakazi. Don’t try to be a hero. Join with your friends and neighbors in open discussion. Be united in your opposition. Be prepared to assist each other. And don’t be afraid to confront the evil, with a gun if need be. Only don’t use it indiscriminately. Minimize collateral damage. Be cognizant of the innocent.


Copy and paste the following into your browser without the quotes.


Healthy Australian woman says she was forced into COVID quarantine camp for 14 days

‘These COVID camps are real. It doesn’t matter if you’re fully-vaxxed, one-vaxxed or non-vaxxed: you can get sent to these camps if you’re a close contact,’ said Haley Hodgson from her prison. Featured Image Klochkov SCS /


Thu Nov 25, 2021 – 1:02 pm EST

DARWIN, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — An Australian woman says she was taken to a quarantine facility and held there for 14 days against her will as punishment for failing to test against COVID and lying about it. 

Haley Hodgson shared her ordeal in an interview with Monica Smit, founder of Australian news website Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA), a week ago when she was still in quarantine at the Howard Springs facility near Darwin, Northern Australia.  

“These COVID camps are real,” Hodgson told Smit.  

“You can get sent to those camps no matter what if you’re ‘close contact’.” 

The video was released only yesterday on RDA’s official website, as Hodgson feared that releasing it sooner might result in the extension of her stay at the quarantine camp.  

Hodgson explained that she had been in “close contact” with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.  

She recalled that health officials came to her house asking whether she knew the person who tested positive and if she had had a test done. 

Hodgson initially lied about having had a test. When the Australian health authorities got back to her saying they couldn’t find her result, Hodgson admitted that she had failed to do a test.  

“I was scared. I’ve been in quarantine before, [and] I just didn’t want to go back there,” Hodgson explained.  

She then apologized to the health officers, saying, “I’m sorry that I lied.”