Began to watch Biden’s speech on NewsMax and had to turn it off immediately, because the first few sentences were a most obvious outright lie.

In less than three months this alleged president’s policies are the most reckless and irresponsible acts ever committed by any previous US President. His opening of the borders leaves us without a country and is completely contrary to the social distancing that has been rammed down citizen’s throats. The stealing of the election which resulted in total one party rule leaves us without a true democratic republic. The shutdown of the oil pipeline in favor of oil transport by rail, in conjunction with the return to importing fossil energy rather than producing it domestically, has already cost thousands of job. And this most recent so-called covid-19 bill assures that the value of the dollar will sink into obscurity.

It would seem Biden is hell-bent on destroying this country and its people for whom he most obviously has the deepest contempt. Perhaps ultimately he plans on dropping a nuclear bomb on the USA. He should be removed from office immediately and put in jail, if not hanged.