So this group which had a store of arms was TOLD TO LEAVE THEIR WEAPONS BEHIND IN ATTENDING THE JAN 6 EVENT. Given the previous violence that Antifa and BLM visited multiple times upon the DC area, was it not reasonable to be prepared for more violence. Nevertheless, the destruction caused by a few of the Jan 6 attendees is unjustified and those few should be prosecuted. BUT IT IS CLEAR THAT THE LEFT IS EXAGGERATING THE THREAT OF WHAT TOOK PLACE AND UNJUSTLY DETAINING INNOCENT PEOPLE WHILE PRAISING THE MURDERS OF TWO UNARMED FEMALE TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

A mind set obsessed with preventing a crime can be more dangerous than the actual commission of the anticipated crime, which is why any imprisonment solely based upon the fear of a crime being committed before the crime is actually in progress is an unjust act onto itself. And when such an obsessed mindset is also in charge of defining criminal acts, you now have a tyrannical authoritarian government oppressing any legitimate dissent.

Clearly, the left has become such a biased and obsessed mindset unable to recognize fact from fiction and has no business regulating problems that it itself
has created.

The Jan 6 riots would never have happened had the left properly prosecuted Antifa and BLM rioters prior to Jan 6. The lefts allegations of internal terrorists being a threat to national security would never be possible accept for the lefts deliberate refusal to secure the border. Other of the lefts casting of blame for various failings upon everyone else except themselves is evidence of a very mentally disturbed and dangerous psycho neurotic mind that is UNFIT TO GOVERN.