The NY Trump Trial had
no appearance of impartiality and FLAGRANTLY VIOLATED

1. The 7Th Amendment-Right to a Jury Trial

2. The 8th Amendment-Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

3. The 14th Amendment-Due Process

Title 18 Section 242


The Obtuse Thinking Of George Soros Is Destroying This Country

Why can’t you understand George Soros? It’s because he has no boundaries in his thinking. Everything is “opened” , therefore nothing is definable. As a matter of fact, he admits that his opened society is more important than nationalism and democracy. So he has become a meddling old fool and an enemy of democracy and nationalism. And because he speaks in very vague terms and has made a lot of money, he appears to be super intelligent. Bottom line is that he is a survivalist at the expense of others & one step above committing the criminal acts he pays others to do.

His entire thinking is based upon counter-intuitivism which got him rich in the first place. What does that mean? Everyone now knows that when an airplane’s wings stop flying, intuition says to pull back on the stick, which is wrong. To correct a stall, it is necessary to do the opposite of intuition, ie push forward on the stick. That’s counter-intuitivism. And it worked for Soros in making money. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT WORKS IN ALL SITUATIONS.

What Soros calls his “philantropy” is actually “political activism”, sometimes good, but more recently bad . Soros was instrumental in the downfall of So Africa’s Apartide government, which was a situation where the white minority was ruling over the black majority. But he has since obviously reversed his views on the majority ruling over the minority when it comes to the United States, opting to base his entitre thinking upon skin color, sexual orientation, etc. We can well expect that the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools has been funded by George Soros, in addition to his other follies.

So why has Soros funded DAs that refuse to prosecute? IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS THAT SOROS IS VIOLATING POLITICAL CONTRIBUTION LAWS. Therefore, his funding of DAs is PREPAID BRIBERY.

To diverge, let me say a word about “counter intuitivism”. Counter intuitivism (counter-intuition) may work in some situations, but to apply it across the board can have some disasterous results. I think we all consider doing something counter-intuitive at one time or another, especially when we are searching for answers or are boxed in. Nevertheless, we better be sure that results of doing sonething counter intuitive is not going to be worse than if we had done nothing at all.

Our fore fathers admonished us to recognize the “self evident”, ie the obvious. In the movie Star Wars the similar phrase was “trust your feelings”. I would prefer “trust your senses” and history.

But in war time, counte- intuitivism may work, because it surprises the enemy. And of course that is assuming you intend to justifiably kill the enemy. Just be prepared to live with the results, ie your own good conscience. Even Nazi soldiers having executed jews admited they were plagued by their own conscience afterwards.

To diverge a bit further, a word about “hatred”. Nothing is worse than the hater of hatred. Hatred does not necessarily mean violence. This is not to say that “hate crimes” dont exist. A crime is a crime whether based upon hatred or not. To emphasize one particular type of crime above another similar type has the ear-markings of political malfeasance. So a murder based upon hatred should be dealt with no differently than a murder based upon other circumstances.

The intelligent person will note that there is justifiable hatred and unjustifiable hatred. Hatred based upon skin color is indeed unjustifiable & wrong, because it is indiscriminate And hatred of hate is also indiscriminately unjustifiable & wrong, because it does not consider all of the justifications & facts .

A “hate mongerer” is one who promotes unjustifiable hatred by attempting to instill the unjustfied hatred in others. The motivation is not based upon any real social justice, but instead is intended to strengthen the hate mongerer’s position. We have examples of this in today’s Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic Party all of which use mass intimidation in one form or another and which George Soros so generously supports.

And now a word about “nationalism”. Too many people ignorantly equate this word with the German Nazi “NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKERS PARTY” and construe it with “imperialism”. They could not be any more undiscerning & wrong.

“Nationalism” is a way of dividing the world up into more manageable entities and implimenting democracy. It stands opposed to a globalist free flow chaotic world, unless of course there is some global dictator which is imperialistic in & by itself. In addition, nationalism permits like-minded people to unite together without dictating to people of another mind-set. Nationalism is more compartmentalized divetsity in thinking & mores which is overall more beneficial to the human species. So once again, the thinking of George Soros is quite defective & leading to exactly what every rational person fears, ie a global imperialistic dictatorship.



The other day, DHS Secretary Myorka was being questioned by a Republucan Congressman. When asked how to explain why so many people wanted him impeached, his reply was “Congressman, I find your question to be highly offensive, so I wont ask for any apology.”. Never mind how offensive is his untruthful slander of innocent people he does not even know, calling them “racists”, “terrorists”, “xenophobes”, and a host of other offensive words. The game of feigned moral outrage is how they avoid answering any questions regarding their own dereliction of duty.

And they are playing another game as well, ie, fear mongering. How do you justify premature fear? Allow acts of violence to occur enough times while turning a blind eye and then blame the other side. The Nazis did just that while blaming the Russians and Jews. Then when the Russians started winning the war, the average German citizen was so frightened by the prospects of revenge that they felt no other option than to continue the war. So it is with the Democratic Party. They have their base so propagandized with lies and fear that they are no longer able to constrain themselves from unjustly attacking innocent people.

The threat of terrorist attacks comes FROM WITHIN ONLY BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS HAVE REFUSED TO SECURE THE BORDER, NOT BECAUSE OF WHITE SUPREMACISTS. Who in the hell do Myorka & Biden think they are kidding. Among the BIGGEST OF THEIR BOLDFACE LIES EVER is claimng that border was in crisis under Trump and they have fixed it. What a crock? .

They have deliberately created threats to our national security in order to invoke the policing powers of government under their own alleged authority and for the purposes of consolidating their own power and corruption. In other words, they have created a straw man. And they have been using the FBI to check up on you WITHOUT WARRANT OR PROBABLE CAUSE.

And now the LIAR IN CHIEF seeks to criminalize speech with a MINISTRY OF TRUTH, ie the so called DISINFORMATION POLICE.

So it would seem anyone expressing any thought contrary to those in power will be imprisoned as blasphemers. Remember that Jesus Christ was tortured and crucified, BECAUSE OF WHAT HE SAID, not because of what he did. But now Joe Biden wants to throw you in jail if what you say does not conform to his well being. Only sick paranoid minds attempt to control the legitimate truths of others.

Lets face it. The real reason for this DISINFORMATION BOARD is to silence those opposing the vax mandate and those objecting to the manner in which the 2020 election was unfairly conducted. The only time when a Sedition Act could be legitmately implemented is during the time of a CONGRESSIONAL DECLARATION OF WAR. But in peace time, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has consistently ruled numerous times that anti-sedition laws are unconstitutional. Translation: Sedition is constitutional. In other words, THE GOVENMENT HAS NO BUSINESS TRYING TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE OF PUBLIC DISCOURSE.

One would think the truth would win without being said. But the constant barage of distortions, lies and exaggerations of the left demands an equally constant barrage of the truth being said.
Which is why all these truth telling documentaries need to be produced. If nothing else, awareness of the truth is essential to your own freedom and safety. When things get so bad that you are in danger of being imprisoned for the most innocent of acts, when people are forced to lie and deceive just to protect themselves, then you know that those in power are evil. And this is where we are today.

This has been in the making for decades now (since 1970) starting in California. It has been allowed to spread throughout the country and it MUST BE STOPPED, only done in a manner as to not jeopardize honest truth loving families. As already demonstrated by the persecution of Genetal Flynn, those in power have no problem threatening the family members of those they choose to persecute. And they have no problem in turning families against each other as demonstrated by the Guy Reffitt family. And they have been hard at work turning our military and police into forces they can employ to carry out their evil purposes.

We must fight in the courts, we must fight in elections, and if need be we must fight in the fields. Of course there are expessions that are considered unacceptable in normal discourse. But in the face of evil attempts to squelch the truth, the gloves must come off. To not do so is to forfeit the truth.



So this group which had a store of arms was TOLD TO LEAVE THEIR WEAPONS BEHIND IN ATTENDING THE JAN 6 EVENT. Given the previous violence that Antifa and BLM visited multiple times upon the DC area, was it not reasonable to be prepared for more violence. Nevertheless, the destruction caused by a few of the Jan 6 attendees is unjustified and those few should be prosecuted. BUT IT IS CLEAR THAT THE LEFT IS EXAGGERATING THE THREAT OF WHAT TOOK PLACE AND UNJUSTLY DETAINING INNOCENT PEOPLE WHILE PRAISING THE MURDERS OF TWO UNARMED FEMALE TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

A mind set obsessed with preventing a crime can be more dangerous than the actual commission of the anticipated crime, which is why any imprisonment solely based upon the fear of a crime being committed before the crime is actually in progress is an unjust act onto itself. And when such an obsessed mindset is also in charge of defining criminal acts, you now have a tyrannical authoritarian government oppressing any legitimate dissent.

Clearly, the left has become such a biased and obsessed mindset unable to recognize fact from fiction and has no business regulating problems that it itself
has created.

The Jan 6 riots would never have happened had the left properly prosecuted Antifa and BLM rioters prior to Jan 6. The lefts allegations of internal terrorists being a threat to national security would never be possible accept for the lefts deliberate refusal to secure the border. Other of the lefts casting of blame for various failings upon everyone else except themselves is evidence of a very mentally disturbed and dangerous psycho neurotic mind that is UNFIT TO GOVERN.



Where Democrats claim their fear of losing our “democracy”, their definition of “democracy” pertains only to them and not to those disagreeing with their slightest whims and distorted views. And haviing infested our government, they are hard at work to create THE DISPARATE INVERTED SOCIETY.

Now what does that mean? It means they favor criminals over honest citizens. They throw relatively innocent people into jail indefinitely under false “color of law” without DUE PROCESS while releasing the most vile of humans. That in itself causes “inverted disparity” & unfairness. But there is far more demented conduct they do that is contray to a healthy human condidtion. They endanger our national security.

I hope Trumps lawsuit winds up with criminal charges against Hillary and those FBI agents protecting her AND THE JUDGE WHO ALLOWED THE FBI TO RAID A WHISTLE BLOWERS HOME.

This is what corrupt government looks like, ie, profiteering of off ones position of power. And the FAKE NEWS is in bed with it all. All these crooks belong in jail, NOT THE J6ers.




The distance between thin blue line and jack booted thugs for the police state is small, very small. I used to respect all police, now I’ll take it on a case by case basis.Their excuse is “Just doing my job”. So were people under Hitler. How good is the money you are being paid when working for a corrupt government? Thats what every cop should ask himself.



Every person who  is sitting on the Congressional Jan  6 Commission as well as Nancy Pelosi should be charged and tried for the crime of engaging in and perpetuating unjust persecution, hate mongering, slander, propagandizing and/or conspiring to do so, as well as lying to
and misleading the American people.

In addition, Kathleen Landerkin, the Deputy Warden of the DC prison where Jan 6 prisoners are being inhumanly treated, should be charged and tried for her criminal conduct.



The mentality of the radical left couches everything in terms of inclusiveness for the purpose of justifying its own hideous propensity to coercively bully and persecute. This has been proven time and time again culminating in its most recent attempts to impose mass vaccination upon citizens contrary to their will and welfare, while at the same time allowing millions of foreign invaders to come into this country without being vaccinated.

The encouragement of avarice is another tool used by the radical left in creating discord for the purpose of gaining power and advancing its agenda. How many times have you heard the phrase “redistribution of the wealth”? Critical Race Theory is a lie being advanced by the radical left to justify the outright theft of wealth from legitimate wage earners and given to others based purely upon skin color and not deed. The term “equity” is used to describe this theft as being legitimate when in fact it is not. And where the radical left claims to be the protectors of “social justice”, it completely discards any real justice for real victims.

For those who do not understand the concepts of relative and relevant justice, it says that the penalty for criminal behavior must be commensurate with and fit the actual destruction of the crime. Relative justice imposes punishment no greater than the crime committed, but can be equal to the crime by taking into consideration the implied consent of the criminal. Hence, capital punishment and justifiable homicide are permitted. Generally, the less the actual destruction, the less the penalty. So the concept of relative justice is to not escalate the criminal action being punished. Relative justice does not impose penalties for disagreement in thought or the inconsequential impact of behavior. Nor does relevant justice impose penalties upon the progeny of criminals, instead dealing directly with the perpetrator & not his children. But neither does relative and relevant justice ignore distortion, lying, exaggeration, deception, obstruction of truth seeking, bearing false witness and slander or the abuse of power under color of law, all of which the radical left has committed repeatedly.

Clearly, the radical left does not really give a squat about anything or anybody other than its own mentality, power and opinion, be it right or wrong. It has no scruples when it comes to making innocent people suffer unnecessarily, as exemplified by its long unrelenting imprisonment of the Jan 6 intruders into and around the capitol building, which the left sees as protection for itself while refusing to protect citizens from suffering the violence of Antifa and Black Live Matter.

The radical left will stop at nothing, including the destruction of its own country, in abusing the power afforded it for the purpose of fulfilling its agenda. It has shown a willingness to misconstrue, if not completely violate, the Constitution time and time again. The mentality of the radical left completely condemns righteous and justifiable discrimination, including the simple individual right to refuse to associate with other people seen to be incompatible with the values and/or welfare of the individual. The radical left would impose the association with criminals by virtue of its refusal to prosecute real criminal behavior, while at the same time prosecuting and unlawfully detaining relatively more innocent people. The radical left would deny the right of separate bathrooms for men and women. It falsely accuses those who seek righteous conservative freedom from undesirable behavior of being racists, supremacists, and/or terrorists, which it sees as permission to use government power abusively in persecuting innocent people who it incorrectly sees as enemies. Just witness the more recent attempt by the deep state DOJ to persecute soccer moms for speaking out against lying Critical Race Theory. This is in direct disobedience to the Constitution which prohibits false prosecution under color of law and guarantees a quick and speedy trial without undue imprisonment.

Next to a suicide mentality that would put a nuclear bomb in a satellite, or a mentality that beheads people for reading the bible, the radical left is the most dangerous mentality to human existence. And once that is understood, the radical left must never be allowed the reigns of government, and its existence must be curtailed to the maximum without violating relative justice which must be restored after being desecrated by the radical left.




I whole heartedly agree with this citizen. We are not out to overthrow our government. We are out to oust those who have hi-jacked it and seek to destroy it.


Remembering Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz incident

Main article: United States v. Aaron Swartz See also: Aaron Swartz § JSTOR

In late 2010 and early 2011, Aaron Swartz, an American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist, used MIT‘s data network to bulk-download a substantial portion of JSTOR’s collection of academic journal articles.[21][22] When the bulk-download was discovered, a video camera was placed in the room to film the mysterious visitor and the relevant computer was left untouched. Once video was captured of the visitor, the download was stopped and Swartz was identified. Rather than pursue a civil lawsuit against him, in June 2011 they reached a settlement wherein he surrendered the downloaded data.[21][22]

The following month, federal authorities charged Swartz with several “data theft“–-related crimes, including wire fraud, computer fraud, unlawfully obtaining information from a protected computer, and recklessly damaging a protected computer.[23][24] Prosecutors in the case claimed that Swartz acted with the intention of making the papers available on P2P file-sharing sites.[22][25]

Swartz surrendered to authorities, pleaded not guilty to all counts, and was released on $100,000 bail. In September 2012, U.S. attorneys increased the number of charges against Swartz from four to thirteen, with a possible penalty of 35 years in prison and $1 million in fines.[26][27] The case still was pending when Swartz committed suicide in January 2013.[28] Prosecutors dropped the charges after his suicide.[29]