The mentality of the radical left couches everything in terms of inclusiveness for the purpose of justifying its own hideous propensity to coercively bully and persecute. This has been proven time and time again culminating in its most recent attempts to impose mass vaccination upon citizens contrary to their will and welfare, while at the same time allowing millions of foreign invaders to come into this country without being vaccinated.

The encouragement of avarice is another tool used by the radical left in creating discord for the purpose of gaining power and advancing its agenda. How many times have you heard the phrase “redistribution of the wealth”? Critical Race Theory is a lie being advanced by the radical left to justify the outright theft of wealth from legitimate wage earners and given to others based purely upon skin color and not deed. The term “equity” is used to describe this theft as being legitimate when in fact it is not. And where the radical left claims to be the protectors of “social justice”, it completely discards any real justice for real victims.

For those who do not understand the concepts of relative and relevant justice, it says that the penalty for criminal behavior must be commensurate with and fit the actual destruction of the crime. Relative justice imposes punishment no greater than the crime committed, but can be equal to the crime by taking into consideration the implied consent of the criminal. Hence, capital punishment and justifiable homicide are permitted. Generally, the less the actual destruction, the less the penalty. So the concept of relative justice is to not escalate the criminal action being punished. Relative justice does not impose penalties for disagreement in thought or the inconsequential impact of behavior. Nor does relevant justice impose penalties upon the progeny of criminals, instead dealing directly with the perpetrator & not his children. But neither does relative and relevant justice ignore distortion, lying, exaggeration, deception, obstruction of truth seeking, bearing false witness and slander or the abuse of power under color of law, all of which the radical left has committed repeatedly.

Clearly, the radical left does not really give a squat about anything or anybody other than its own mentality, power and opinion, be it right or wrong. It has no scruples when it comes to making innocent people suffer unnecessarily, as exemplified by its long unrelenting imprisonment of the Jan 6 intruders into and around the capitol building, which the left sees as protection for itself while refusing to protect citizens from suffering the violence of Antifa and Black Live Matter.

The radical left will stop at nothing, including the destruction of its own country, in abusing the power afforded it for the purpose of fulfilling its agenda. It has shown a willingness to misconstrue, if not completely violate, the Constitution time and time again. The mentality of the radical left completely condemns righteous and justifiable discrimination, including the simple individual right to refuse to associate with other people seen to be incompatible with the values and/or welfare of the individual. The radical left would impose the association with criminals by virtue of its refusal to prosecute real criminal behavior, while at the same time prosecuting and unlawfully detaining relatively more innocent people. The radical left would deny the right of separate bathrooms for men and women. It falsely accuses those who seek righteous conservative freedom from undesirable behavior of being racists, supremacists, and/or terrorists, which it sees as permission to use government power abusively in persecuting innocent people who it incorrectly sees as enemies. Just witness the more recent attempt by the deep state DOJ to persecute soccer moms for speaking out against lying Critical Race Theory. This is in direct disobedience to the Constitution which prohibits false prosecution under color of law and guarantees a quick and speedy trial without undue imprisonment.

Next to a suicide mentality that would put a nuclear bomb in a satellite, or a mentality that beheads people for reading the bible, the radical left is the most dangerous mentality to human existence. And once that is understood, the radical left must never be allowed the reigns of government, and its existence must be curtailed to the maximum without violating relative justice which must be restored after being desecrated by the radical left.