Democrats are deliberately destroying our democracy by exacerbating election difficulties via open borders.

Probably one of the greatest difficulties in conducting an election is knowing who is eligible to vote and who is not. Counties are the first resource to determine this, because they are the central hub for identifying property tax payers. But this only identifies property owners, not renters and homeless people.

So, to identify citizen non property owners who actually reside in a state, vehicle operator licenses are a second resource for identifying eligible voters.

However, there is still a hole wherein there are homeless citizens who may be eligible, but do not own property or have a drivers license. Such citizens should be required to register as homeless citizens and prove their citizenship.

It should now be clear to every US citizen that the Democratic Party has become a traitor to our democracy by obfuscating the election process and employing the inflow of illegal entrants in the hopes of maintaining power. They are not without help from some very stupid Republicans, aka, RINOS. Those now working in government need to ask themselves how far they are willing to go for a worthless paycheck.

It is clear that Democrats have not inspired trust in our election system by maintaining open borders. That fact, coupled with the use of electronic election systems leaves the US citizen with very little confidence that elections are not rigged. It can be said that no matter which party is in control of the election process, without the electorate being able to validate their own counted ballot and see the accumulation of actual ballots counted for a particular candidate after the fact, there can be no confidence in the electronic tabulated election results.

To conclude, until the borders are closed and until the voting public can audit/validate their own votes after an election, this country will be in a chaotic mess.