If I could teach youth anything important, it would be this. A government that lies is the most dangerous evil. It is one thing to disbelieve something. It is quite another to fabricate lies and slander for the purposes of justifying your disbelief.

As of this writing, those currently in control of our government, ie, the “lying liberal left”, in concert with some of the media, have engaged in lying, distorting the truth, exaggeration, slander and general fabrications for the purposes of exerting the power of government over the people they are suppose to protect and eliminating beliefs contrary to their own.

Specifically, they take issue with any conservative view point and/or Christian Biblical belief and label any such believer with an array of ugly names like “Domestic Terrorist”, “Racist”, “White Supremacist”, “Uncle Tom”, “Homophobe”, “Xenophobe”, and more insulting accusations. They have no problem in provoking violence to win their case. All this simply because they deny the existence of God and do not believe that Christ is God (which they are entitled to believe).

They pretend to care about people and human beings, but the evidence betrays the truth that they do not. They pretend to care about black folks when in fact they don’t give a squat about black folks. If they really cared about black folks, they would not call a conservative black “Uncle Tom”. They would not insist on destroying this country’s defenses or economy as they have engaged in. They would not mimic black folks of old saying “If you don’t vote for me, then you aint black”. They would not be advocating abortions of black babies. They would not be treating blacks as if they are a dependent group. They would not be ignoring the higher murder rates among blacks instead of focusing only upon isolated incidences of police mishaps involving blacks.

Instead, they make the most outrageous claim that all whites are racist or “white supremacists”, thereby fomenting racial division and suspicion. Charles Manson tried as much. Where is any real evidence of more recent racism except among a group calling themselves La Raza. Did we not just recently have a black president? When was the last time you heard any white supremacist call out “Heil Hitler”. When was the last time you saw any white person attack a black person? Oh Ill tell you. Just recently when a white trash leftist woman attacked black conservative Larry Elder. And where is this “systemic racism” they allege? Where is the evidence of any laws or regulations contrary to the well being of blacks? There is none. Oh wait a minute, I know. Highways are racist because they separate black communities from white communities (per the lying liberal left). Really? So you tell me who the real racist is. It is a lie fabricated by liars, and it is evil. And it is not the only lie.

The lying left likes to blame all things upon a group, Q Anon, that hardly anybody has even heard of. Have you ever heard of Q’Anon? Probably not. But according to left, Q’Anon is Christian base conspiracy theorist group to which all Trump supporters belong. And by the way, this group believes that the left is engaged in the dark economy in support of drug and human trafficking. Yet according to the left it is a very dangerous terrorist group, and of course far more dangerous than Antifa, Really? Talk about conspiracy theories, this tops them all. So this makes two big lies propagated by the left.

And then there is this third lie that the vax must be forced upon all people. The data shows that the percentage of deaths arising from covid is less than the flu. And the data also shows that the vax is not effective. And there is credible evidence that ivermetcin is effective, not to mention hydroxchloroquine. Yet the government under the lying left is pushing for everyone to get the vax, all to the exclusion of other cures. This gives the left the perfect excuse for incarcerating people who disagree with them on any matter, thereby eliminating what they see as their political enemies to the death. Of course the left claims this to be a conspiracy theory. But if so, and if they really care about people, then why are they forcing people who don’t take the vax out of work. Their message is clear, “take the vax or die”. And if they really care about people, then why is the vax the only way according to them? And if they believed their own bs, then why are they letting sick migrants come into the country without being vaxed? Yet again, if they believed their own bs that the vax works, then why should they be concerned about the non-vaxed if the vax protects them.? This all sounds like the movie, One Flew Over The Coo Coos Nest. The evidence is clear that the left is lying about the vax to further their own ends.

The hypocrisy of the lying liberal left is enormous and most obvious, “self evident” as our fore fathers said. There are innocent people today rotting away unjustly in jail for doing virtually nothing wrong. Meanwhile, the real instigators of violence are given a free pass, not to mention the complicit leftist lawyers & politicians allowing such.

So to you young folks I say, “Know when you are being lied to and for what purposes. It is evil, and most particularly when it is the government doing the lying.”

To close, you have heard “resist not evil”. But I say “WHERE IS THE LOVE IF YOU SIT IDLY BY WATCHING OTHERS BEING UNJUSTLY PERSECUTED AND MISTREATED?” Would you have your own family butchered? Would you have your innocent neighbor butchered? Of course you have to protect your own skin to be a successful fighter. But be prepared to fight this evil to the max if we must. Don’t be a kamakazi. Don’t try to be a hero. Join with your friends and neighbors in open discussion. Be united in your opposition. Be prepared to assist each other. And don’t be afraid to confront the evil, with a gun if need be. Only don’t use it indiscriminately. Minimize collateral damage. Be cognizant of the innocent.


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Healthy Australian woman says she was forced into COVID quarantine camp for 14 days

‘These COVID camps are real. It doesn’t matter if you’re fully-vaxxed, one-vaxxed or non-vaxxed: you can get sent to these camps if you’re a close contact,’ said Haley Hodgson from her prison. Featured Image Klochkov SCS /


Thu Nov 25, 2021 – 1:02 pm EST

DARWIN, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — An Australian woman says she was taken to a quarantine facility and held there for 14 days against her will as punishment for failing to test against COVID and lying about it. 

Haley Hodgson shared her ordeal in an interview with Monica Smit, founder of Australian news website Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA), a week ago when she was still in quarantine at the Howard Springs facility near Darwin, Northern Australia.  

“These COVID camps are real,” Hodgson told Smit.  

“You can get sent to those camps no matter what if you’re ‘close contact’.” 

The video was released only yesterday on RDA’s official website, as Hodgson feared that releasing it sooner might result in the extension of her stay at the quarantine camp.  

Hodgson explained that she had been in “close contact” with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.  

She recalled that health officials came to her house asking whether she knew the person who tested positive and if she had had a test done. 

Hodgson initially lied about having had a test. When the Australian health authorities got back to her saying they couldn’t find her result, Hodgson admitted that she had failed to do a test.  

“I was scared. I’ve been in quarantine before, [and] I just didn’t want to go back there,” Hodgson explained.  

She then apologized to the health officers, saying, “I’m sorry that I lied.”