Rules For Securing Your Own Email:

1. You can’t secure your email if you use a cloud email service except via the tools provided by the email service

2. Your router and your firewall are all you need to secure your own email server. This requires a simple understanding of how internet addressing works.

First, understand that a domain name has no real significance in addressing. All addressing boils down to an IP NUMBER and a PORT NUMBER. The ip number, v.w.x.y, is the equivalent of a building address. The port number, z, is the equivalent of an apartment number. The two are expressed together as v.w.x.y :z.

With respect to email, the port numbers 25 and 587 are used to send email. The port numbers 143 and 993 are used to retrieve email in an IMAP fashion as opposed to 110 and 995 in a POP fashion.

So how do I block out unwanted hackers or spammers. First, my ROUTER must block out all unused ports, ie, empty apartment numbers. But it has to let through all traffic to the ports in use, ie, ports 25 and 587. This is accomplished via PORT FORWARDING, which is a function in your router to direct traffic addressing a port to its ultimate computer program, ie, destination.

Secondly, I have to use the firewall to block out the ip numbers (addresses) of unwanted visitors trying to hack my computer. These are found by inspecting the email server log. The hackers become quite obvious in the log.

Oh, wondering about my ip address? It is the ip assigned to me by my internet service provider. The isp forwards all internet traffic calling out this ip address to my router which begins sorting out what ports go to what computers I have on my local network.

What is my local network? That’s everything I have wifi-ed or physically attached to my router. And how do ports get connected to programs? Once the router directs a specific port to a specific computer, the programs (apps) have to be told what ports to “LISTEN” to.

So what has domain naming got to do with anything? First, we have to know that a domain is a fancy word to identify the digital hardware and software resources belonging to a specific owner. So I have two main domains that are identified as and These names get resolved (translated) into the ip addresses where they reside(hosted) by an INTERNET DOMAIN NAME SERVER (DNS) which is nothing more than a lookup service, like a phone book or 411.

So, getting back to the actual residency of my domains, the main domain is on the GoDaddy computers, whereas is on my home computer. These are where my websites reside.

But what about my email server? Where does it reside? This is where SUB-DOMAIN naming comes in. My email server resides on my home computer which is identified as a sub-domain of and identified as The dns server will direct all traffic calling out to my home computer and not the GoDaddy computer. So it’s all like a company that has multiple addresses.

The only thing I have not covered is encryption which provides the ultimate security in digital communication. Another word that goes flying around is the word “protocol”. I find this word being so widely abused that it has almost lost its meaning. Basically, it is a predefined way in which two communicants can verify they are speaking to the right person.  One of the first protocols was the “ack”- “nak” , acknowledge- no acknowledge. Different strokes for different folks. Ground control to major Tom. At the current time, it appears as though a protocol called TLS (transport layer security) is replacing SSL (secured socket layer) in two-way digital communications.



The Biden Admin is doing everything it can to prevent Israel from accomplishing its task to wipe out Hamas. All in the name of protecting “innocent” Palestinian citizens. Well are those citizens really so innocent, since they freely elected Hamas to be their government?

One might argue that not all Palestinians voted for Hamas.
QUESTION: DID ANY OF THEM DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT HAMAS FROM MURDERING JEWS? It seems not. So it can be said they are complicit in the murder of jews, even though they had no part in it. Even Biden has said, “Silence is complicity”.

There are those who claim that by retaliating, Israel is a war criminal. That will not be determined until it is over. And if any such judgment of that is to occur, it must be within the same context as WWII in which Winston ChurchHill destroyed the French Navy after it had been acquired by Nazi Germany, killing hundreds of “innocent” French sailors. Is ChurchHill to be rendered a war criminal? I think not.

Certainly, those protesting and demonstrating on behalf of Palestinians DO BEAR RESPONSIBILTY FOR THE MURDER OF JEWS AND SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AS SUCH. But what about the silent Palestinian? Are they to be considered the same?

Unfortunately in war, it becomes a numbers game and the non-involved do become the victims of war. How many lives of non-combatants do you spare vs how many of your own do you spare. This becomes the over riding answer in war. Its called “colateral damage”, ie, unintended consequences.

Perhaps we need to ask ourselves
“WHAT IS THE PRICE OF OUR NON INVOLVEMENT?” Do we want to become the unspoken victims of war, as in the movie SHENANDOAH, or a combatant?

What ever the answer, we should be sure there is in fact a war going on before making a choice. And to answer that question, all we need do is ask ourselves, “Am I safe walking down the street alone at night in my country?”


For those who do become involved, the overriding objective should be winning the peace, not just the war itself. There is no glory in war. But winning the peace does not mean you surrender your principles. Nor does it mean surrendering or betraying your country as Biden has done.