Our current election system is a piece of crap. It is a hodgepodge of manual and batch systems ripe with fraud. That an online real time election system has not been made available by now is an absolute crime. So what would an online real time election system look like?

We start with the actual database? What is a database, you ask?
It is a filing organization and access system.
Here is a diagram of what it would look like.

(Too small? On your phone, expand it. On your computer, right click and open image in new tab.)

So how does one read this diagram?

Each box represents a “record type” having a specific data content & format different from the other boxes that represent different “record types”. (Note: the word “record type” is used interchangeably with the word “record”). Boxes at the top are basic entity record types & accessible via their ids. Unconnected diagonal lines into some of these top boxes indicates they are directly accessible. As you can see, there are 4 basic entity record types: year, nation, state, & person.

Lines connecting top level boxes to lower level boxes are links from top level records to lower level record types, thus forming a chain of lower level records. The top level box is said to be the master record type of the lower level detail boxes. For each top level master record there can be any number of lower level detail records.

So for example, given a nation id of USA, one could directly access the USA record & then traverse the state chain to access all the states within the USA. Similarly, one could access all the counties within a state by traversing the county chain. And so on.

Although the default direction of traversal from master to detail records appears to be downward (or forward), upward (or backward) traversal from any detail to master can be possible before a person actually votes. However after vote occurs, traversal in either direction between a voter-ballot-link record and a voter-location-link record should be restricted to the voter for privacy reasons. Today’s average browser-to-website user should not find this method of navigation too difficult to understand.


Each state would have this database file system accessible to the public via their website on their own computer. The database would be initialized only one time with the geographic records of nation, state and counties, these being fixed entities. But before participating in an election, each state resident voter, including state & county employees, must already have or create their own reusable logon id record. Only state & county employee logons should be allowed to update the entire database for the purposes of setting up the database content.


Of particular importance before each election is the validation and creation of the voter-ballot-link records for each logon record. This process establishes the voter rolls for each specific election. It begins with a person submitting a voter-id-ballot-request record to an authorized state employee who initiates a search of other states by checking each states registered-voter-year-check record. If no such record is found & everything else checks out on the person, the state employee creates a single year-voter check record, followed by setting up the voter-ballot-link records leaving blank the candidate-selection button in each voter-ballot-link record.


The database is now ready for the voter to make his candidate selections by clicking the appropriate candidate-selection button in each appropriate voter-ballot-link record, at which time a write-permission lock is placed on the voter-ballot-link record. This would prevent anyone from changing candidate-selection button and the corresponding link to the selected candidate record.


For secrecy/privacy purposes all cast voter-ballot-link records should be locked from updating by anyone other than the voter and as soon as they are counted. With this one exception, all should be able to view any record at any time, thus providing complete transparency and veracity of an election. In other words, everyone can look anywhere but not touch.

Each state would have the same file system within a website on their own computer. In addition to state residents being able to create and logons to the state website, each state computer would have access to other state computers to eliminate double dipping voters who might try to vote in more than one state. Currency of voter rolls is essential.

In addition, currency of vote tabulation is essential. As soon as a voter has locked his voter-ballot record, his vote should be counted and tallies by candidate should be made available. Washington DC should be connected to each state & have access to each state database for the purpose of rolling up ballot totals for each national candidate by state.

What would be the advantages of an online real time election system?
First, the voter would cast his ballot directly into the database, thereby eliminating anybody other than the voter from touching his ballot.
Second, the election should be completed within 2 days.
Third. since there is only one machine per state involved, auditing software should be comparatively easy as well as identifying any other anomalies.


There will always be some ding dong who insists on having a paper ballot which necessitates having a batch input system.





Nothing is more dangerous than one political party being in control of everything as is the situation today. In the past we have had a relatively balanced government where neither party had total control of all branches of power. But the last election upset that balance making it possible for the current insanity to reign. So what can we do as citizens to correct the current situation.

First we need to vote entirely Republican in the next two elections. Next, once we have established a balance between political parties, every voter should split his votes between parties.

But this alone is not enough. The bureaucrats have party loyalties that can & have adversely impacted fair elections. The Democrats have no problem endorsing affirmative action based upon skin color. SO WHY NOT HAVE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BASED UPON POLITICAL LOYALTY WHEN IT COMES TO GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT THAT ASSURES A 50-50 SPLIT POLITICALLY IN THE BUREAUCRACY.

If we are ever to secure our form of government for future generations, this must be done. You know this is the truth.


    Let me begin by saying, under no circumstances should the voter registration system be directly connected to the web or internet. However, post election voter ballot verification via the web/internet should be possible & safe.

    With respect to manual ballot processing, it would seem the most efficient method would be an assembly line, where each station records the vote on each specific ballot issue. But then machine reading and issue separation and accumulation is more expedient. So when using a machine vote counting system, under no circumstances should the machine be connected to the internet. To report results, every polling center should have a direct T1 line to the state office. Either that or a dial-in system should be used.

    Now to continue on, lets see, you allow mail-in votes to come in and pile up for a entire month without counting them, and then you have in-person voting on election day which is required to be counted before all those piled up mailed in ballots. WELL DAAA, WHAT COULD GO WRONG HERE? WHY??? Why are the mail in votes not counted as they come in? And don’t tell me its more conducive to fraud, because it is less conducive to fraud.

    Paper mail-in ballots for remote voting. Not a good solution. Unrealistic. Drop boxes, ballot harvesting and ranked-choice voting should not be allowed. With respect to signature verification of mail in ballots, it is absolutely asinine to wait to do that after polls have closed. At least do signature verification & start counting mail in ballots as they are received. And by no means allow ballots to be received after the in person polls have closed. Certainly, there is no excuse for not having the total count of the number of received ballots within an hour after the polls have closed. So there is no reason to not have a reliable projection after the received ballot count has been determined.

    But do away with paper mail in and drop boxes. Go direct call in voting with same day in person. I cant believe that, after the fiasco of 2020, nobody has developed a phone dial in voting system where voters can validate their ballot after its been counted. If you can call your bank and validate transactions, then there is absolutely no reason the same cant be done with voting.

    Why phone and not the web? POTS, the “plain old telephone system” used(s) point-to-point circuit switched networking, not packet switching which is the internet. It is estimated that 40% of the citizens sill have land lines which may or may not be connected to a circuit switched network. However, long haul telephone connections have been or are being upgraded to digital transmission which is the internet . So it is difficult to avoid the internet. But the connections are still basically point-to-point & not accessible via the web with one exception, ie, voice-over-ip providers.

    The web is a client server based network that uses internet connected domain name servers and is relatively less secure than a straight point-to-point connection. Furthermore, cloud based services are web based & to be avoided. This means your real telephone service provider is safer than a virtual phone provider that uses voice-over-ip.

    Now all this may be well and good, but there is one thing to recognize when it comes to the internet and the digitizing of voice transmission. Unlike circuit switched networks, digital networks make it much easier to compress communications store them in files. So what you say over the phone today can be listened to years from now by those running the phone systems. The only real way to protect your communication is via encryption.




I whole heartedly agree with this citizen. We are not out to overthrow our government. We are out to oust those who have hi-jacked it and seek to destroy it.



Given the most recent unjust and unlawful invasion of Rudy Giuliani’s home, it would be fitting to have a CONSERVATIVE CITIZEN’S COMMISSION to do a full and thorough
investigation into the national Attorney General and the FBI.
Another citizen commission should be formed to investigate the coverup up of the murder of Ashli Babbitt.