Where secession could be a solution to our current problems, it may not be the ultimate solution. Why? Because there would be no guarantee that the disgusting offensive liberal democrats who would disrupt the culture could be kept out of the reconstituted country, that is unless a severe restriction and treatment of those people was implemented, including a list identifying all such violent individuals. Let’s face it. There is a sickness in this country as bad as, if not worse than covid-19. It is called TDS, Trump Derrangement Syndrome, which really has less to do with Trump as it does with personal hatred and propensity for violence. A mere secession probably would not stop its spread.

So we ask what is left short of seceding? It is clear that the fighting is going to continue and get a lot rougher and bloodier. There is absolutely no way that what has transpired with respect to this election is in any way acceptable. People simply do not want to live in or under a government that has trashed its Constitution in refusing to uphold it, a government that is built on lies, slander, avarice, complacency and corruption. The only answer is to subdue at all cost the enemy that has hi-jacked our nation. But secession would help to establish a better safe harbor for those not infected with TDS.