Michigan and Minnesota election results look very phony. One would expect that most voters would vote for both a president AND A SENATOR. WHICH WOULD YIELD THE SAME TOTAL NUMBER OF VOTES FOR A SENATOR AS FOR THE PRESIDENT. BUT THIS IS DRAMATICALLY NOT THE CASE IN THESE TWO STATES. MICHIGAN SHOWS 77,000 MORE VOTED FOR A PRESIDENT THAN A SENATOR. MINNESOTA WAS EVEN MORE OFF BY 236,475. Of course you don’t expect an exact match, but differences this great indicate ballot stuffing..

As a sidenote, it is apparent that the true 2020 Democratic vote for senator remained mostly constant with the Minnesota 2018 senate race, while in 2020 trump voters increased by almost 458,000, yet still lost the senate race even against the 2018 results. Nevertheless we can still conclude that the true 2020 Democratic vote for president remained constant and was fraudulently increased by 236,475, those fraudulent ballots not even voting for the Democratic senator. Those 236,475 fraudulent votes might not have turned the senatorial race over to the Republicans, BUT THEY CERTAINLY WOULD HAVE GIVEN TRUMP THE VICTORY IN MINNESOTA

The votes for senator in PA & WI have not been posted yet.